SB 350 Fixed-Width Screed

The SB 350 Fixed-Width Screed from VÖGELE delivers absolutely premium-quality, perfectly even results. It comes into its own on all projects requiring large pave widths and layer thicknesses (e.g. crushed-stone bases) and high precompaction.

The SB 350 Fixed-Width Screed can be combined with the SUPER 3000-3i and can even pave base courses up to 50cm thick. The SB 350 Fixed-Width Screed features a range of pave widths extending from 3.5m to as much as 18m.

  • Excellent evenness thanks to high stability across the entire pave width
  • New telescoping and positioning system for ergonomic and time-saving set-up considerably reduces set-up times.
  • Hydraulic bolt-on extensions with unique variability of 2 x 1.25m
  • Tamper stroke can be adjusted hydraulically at the push of a button (choice between 4 and 8mm) on the paver operator's ErgoPlus 3 console or the screed operator's console
  • Efficient electric heating with innovative monitoring system heats up the screed twice as fast

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