SUPER 3000-3i – Details

The new flexibility world champion from VÖGELE

With a pave width of up to 18m, a maximum laydown rate of 1,800t/h and an engine output of 354kW, the SUPER 3000-3i is the new flagship in VÖGELE’s paver line-up. As a representative of the Premium Line, this large paver incorporates all the features of the “Dash 3” generation.

Thanks to the new, innovative material handling concept, in which the height of the conveyor and auger can be jointly adjusted, the paver can easily place thin overlay or anti-freeze layers up to 50cm thick without the machine having to be mechanically converted in any way.

The SUPER 3000-3i is also equipped with AutoSet Plus. This means that paving processes can be automated, enabling quality achieved in the past to be reproduced at the push of a button. The Highway Class paver can therefore be set up quickly and easily to handle a wide variety of paving tasks.

The screed concept of VÖGELE’s new flagship paver is likewise geared to maximum flexibility, enabling the machines to tackle a broad range of different applications efficiently and productively.

The SUPER 3000-3i can be combined with the AB 600 Extending Screed or the SB 300 and SB 350 Fixed-Width Screeds. These screeds are available in different versions, from models with tamper and vibrators (TV) to high compaction screeds with tamper and two pressure bars (TP2).

The drive concept: Impressive performance, fascinating efficiency

The powerful 6-cylinder diesel engine rated at 354kW is the driving force behind the Highway Class paver.

Intelligent engine management with ECO mode and VÖGELE EcoPlus low-emissions package keep fuel consumption and noise levels low.

Maximum output because all drive components including the three-phase A.C. generator are powered via the central splitter gearbox and operate at maximum efficiency.

Large, high-traction crawler tracks efficiently translate engine output into pave speed.

Future-proof drive technology

Three main components form the power unit of the SUPER 3000-3i: its advanced, liquid-cooled diesel engine, a splitter gearbox flanged directly to the engine and a large cooler assembly.

The driving force behind this VÖGELE powerhouse is its high-performance diesel engine. This 6-cylinder engine delivers 354kW at 1,800rpm. Yet the fuel-saving ECO mode is sufficient for many applications. And even then, the SUPER 3000-3i still has a full 350kW at its disposal. Moreover, the machine operates particularly quietly when running at just 1,600rpm.

A large cooler assembly ensures that the power unit always delivers its full output. With innovative air routing and a variable-speed fan, temperatures are always maintained within the optimum range, significantly extending the service life of both the diesel engine and the hydraulic oil. Another advantage is that the machine can be operated without difficulty in all climatic regions around the world.

All hydraulic consumers are directly supplied with hydraulic oil via the splitter gearbox. The advantage is that all hydraulic pumps and valves are centrally located, making them easily accessible for servicing. Even the powerful generator for screed heating is flanged directly onto the splitter gearbox. Its integrated oil cooling system makes it completely maintenance-free and very quiet.

The large cooler assembly is made up of three parts. It ensures that engine coolant, charge air and hydraulic oil are maintained at the optimum temperature.

  • Machines with the suffix “i” in their product designation are not only economical, but also extremely clean.
  • The “i” stands for “intelligent emission control” and is found in the type names of all machines from the WIRTGEN GROUP equipped with the latest engine technology. These engines comply with the strict requirements of current exhaust emissions legislation.
  • Powerful yet economical 6-cylinder diesel engine with ECO mode.
  • ECO mode with 1,600rpm is not only perfectly adequate for numerous applications, it also cuts operating costs and supports super-quiet operation.
  • A powerful, oil-cooled generator with direct drive ensures rapid, uniform heating of the screed. In the “Dash 3” generation, the generator is directly driven by the splitter gearbox and therefore maintenance-free.

VÖGELE EcoPlus: Less is more

It goes without saying that our road pavers conform to the applicable emissions directives, but we like to go much further. That’s why the machine concept of the “Dash 3” generation uses environmentally friendly innovations in machine technology, resulting in lower consumption, lower emissions and lower costs.

One of these innovations is the VÖGELE EcoPlus low-emissions package. Fuel savings of up to 25% can be achieved with VÖGELE EcoPlus, depending on the application and capacity utilization of the paver.

That doesn’t just result in considerable savings for the contractor – it is good news for the environment, too. That’s because every litre of fuel saved reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

  • 25% fuel saving
  • 25% less CO2 emitted
  • Lower noise emissions

The technical innovations

Splitter gearbox with ability to disengage hydraulic pumps
When the paver is stationary, all the hydraulic pumps needed for “traction”, “conveyors and augers” and “compaction” are disengaged automatically. The result? Lower fuel consumption.

Energy-optimized tamper drive
The tamper is driven by a variable-displacement pump which always delivers exactly the amount of oil needed for the current tamper speed and not a drop more or less.

Controlled hydraulic oil temperature circuit
A bypass circuit gets the hydraulic oil to its optimum operating temperature very quickly, enabling rapid, fuel-saving operation of the paver.

Variable-speed fan
The variable-speed fan automatically adapts to the engine load and the ambient temperature. This type of drive saves energy and reduces noise emissions.

Efficient transmission of engine power

High-quality separate hydraulic drives are essential components of our drive concept. They allow our pavers to operate outstandingly and therefore extremely cost-efficiently.

Since the traction drive units are directly integrated into the sprockets of the crawler tracks, engine output is translated into pave speed without any loss of power.

The sturdy deflectors in front of the crawler tracks reliably clear any spilled mix out of the way. They can be hydraulically raised or lowered automatically at the press of a button or using the AutoSet Plus.

  • The hydraulic systems for the traction drive, conveyors and augers as well as the compacting systems all operate in separate closed circuits for maximum efficiency.
  • Long crawler tracks deliver maximum traction thanks to their large footprint. This ensures a constant forward speed even when operating on difficult terrain.
  • Positive tracking when moving straight and accurate cornering due to electronically controlled separate drives provided for both crawler tracks.

Premium paving quality and maximum flexibility

A continuous flow of mix is key to ensuring uninterrupted and high-quality paving. That is why we attach such importance to professional material management when designing our pavers.

With PaveDock and PaveDock Assistant, VÖGELE have enhanced process safety when transferring the mix and simplified the communication process between the paver operator and the driver of the feed vehicle during material transfer processes.

Its high material throughput makes the SUPER 3000-3i ideal for high-volume paving jobs involving non-bituminous mixes. The Heavy-Duty kit installed as standard counteracts the abrasive wear caused by these mixes.

The innovative material transport system ensures an optimum mix transfer to the auger at all layer thicknesses and hence an optimum head of mix.

Whether thin surface courses or very thick road bases are to be laid, the flexibility world champion from VÖGELE is more than a match for every challenge.

The PaveDock Assistant communication system

PaveDock Assistant is the communication system between the paver operator and the driver of the feed vehicle. It allows particularly fast and reliable transfer of mix to the paver. Signal lights on the paver and the associated controls on the paver operator’s ErgoPlus 3 console are key components.

The paver has two sets of signal lights, mounted on the right and left of the hardtop. With these lights, the paver operator can give the driver of the feed vehicle unmistakable signals, indicating what needs to be done (e.g. reverse, stop, dump mix). Having two lights, each in an elevated position, ensures that all signals are clearly visible to the feed vehicle driver from all angles of approach.

PaveDock dampens impacts effectively

Especially wide and oscillating push-rollers support convenient, shock-free docking of feed vehicles.

As an alternative to the oscillating push-rollers, VÖGELE also supply PaveDock sprung push-rollers. These absorb jolts by the feed vehicle even more effectively and reliably, thus ensuring that they are not transmitted to the finished pavement.

Together with the PaveDock Assistant, the sprung push-rollers maximize process safety during transfer of the mix: a sensor installed in the sprung push-rollers indicates whenever a feed vehicle has docked onto the paver. The signal lights display the stop signal automatically and directly. The feed vehicle driver can thus react immediately.

Enormous material hopper

As with all VÖGELE pavers, supplying the SUPER 3000-3i with mix is an extremely clean, safe and swift process. Thanks to a hydraulically operated hopper front (option), the mix inside the material hopper is directed right onto the conveyors and the entire mix properly conveyed in front of the screed.

  • The huge material hopper has a capacity of 18.5t, allowing feed lorries to be emptied in a very short space of time.
  • Low material hopper with wide hopper sides and sturdy rubber baffles fitted to the hopper front is easy to feed with mix.
  • Especially wide oscillating push-rollers for convenient and shock-free docking of feed vehicles even on bends.
  • The Heavy-Duty kit effectively counteracts the abrasive wear caused by non-bituminous mixes.

Heavy-Duty kit

VÖGELE have always put the emphasis on high-quality materials, ensuring the machines remain operational for a long time.

Its high material throughput makes the SUPER 3000-3i ideal for high-volume paving jobs involving non-bituminous mixes. That is why the Heavy-Duty kit is standard in the new flagship machine.

Through the use of highly wear-resistant steel for those conveyor and auger components which are exposed to significant stresses, the Heavy-Duty kit provides additional protection against the abrasive wear caused by unbound mixes.

Optimum supply of mix at all layer thicknesses

The innovative material handling concept of the SUPER 3000-3i ensures a high conveying capacity and an optimum supply of mix, regardless of layer thickness.

The key development is a function that permits the height-adjustment, not only of the auger, but also of the entire rear section of the chassis. That means that the conveyor’s discharge point onto the auger remains the same across the entire 27.5cm adjustment range.

Innovative material handling concept in which the height of the conveyor and auger can be jointly adjusted. This optimizes the supply of mix even when paving thick layers of up to 50cm. Optimum transfer of mix to the auger at all layer thicknesses thanks to the infinitely height-adjustable chassis.

Automated processes with AutoSet Plus

This innovation for the SUPER pavers of the “Dash 3” generation allows procedures to be automated and makes the paving process more efficient – and all at the press of a button on the paver operator’s ErgoPlus 3 console. It is important to distinguish between the Repositioning function and the Paving Programs function.

The Repositioning function

Automatic repositioning accelerates the resumption of work after the paver has been moved on the job site or when there is a change of work shifts, for instance. The paver settings relating to paving are stored using the display of the paver operator’s console in “Pave” mode. After changing to “Job Site” or “Positioning” mode, the corresponding parts of the machine can be brought into transport position simply by pressing the “Execute” button. When returning to “Pave” mode, simply pressing the button again will reactivate the previously stored settings. To prevent spills of mix, the hopper front just has to be lowered again manually.

  • Fast and safe repositioning of the paver.
  • No settings are lost between paving and repositioning.
  • Also prevents any damage to the augers and
    deflectors in front of the crawler tracks.

The paving programs

When paving programs are created, all the settings and paving parameters of relevance for a particular job site are saved. This ensures that the data will be available for comparable projects in the future and can be called up at the press of a button.

These presettings are generally a 90-95% match for the new job site. Fine adjustments resulting from a different mix temperature, for example, are made during paving as usual. That means the paving programs can be adjusted to the actual requirements of the job site with little effort.

Settings input manually   Settings applied automatically
Description of the job 1 Paver and screed type
Free text input 2 Pave speed
Mix type 3 Tamper speed
Pave width 4 Pressure for the pressure bars
Type of layer 5 Height of auger/chassis
Layer thickness 6 Screed Freeze
Tamper stroke 7 Conveying capacity
  8 Height adjustment of the screed tow point rams
  9 Screed Assist pressure,
balance right/left
  10 Screed profile
  • Automated configuration of the paver.
  • Stores all paving-related parameters.
  • Selection of stored paving programs.
  • Reproducible quality.

The ErgoPlus 3 operating concept

Even the very best machine with the most advanced technology can only really show its strengths if it can be operated easily and as intuitively as possible. At the same time, it should offer an ergonomic and safe working environment for the operating team. Therefore, the ErgoPlus 3 operating concept focuses on the operator. With VÖGELE pavers, the user consequently retains full control over the machine and construction project.

ErgoPlus 3 encompasses the operator’s stand, the paver operator’s console and screed consoles and Niveltronic Plus, the System for Automated Grade and Slope Control.

The paver operator‘s ErgoPlus 3 console

The paver operator’s console is extremely clear and has been designed according to practical principles. All functions are combined into logical groups, so that the operator finds each function exactly where he would expect it to be.

On the ErgoPlus 3 console, all push-buttons are easily identifiable by touch even when wearing work gloves. Once a button is pressed, off you go thanks to the “Touch and Work” principle. This means that a function is executed directly – without a need to confirm.

No-load function
The no-load function is provided for the warm-up or cleaning of conveyors, augers and tamper.

Innovative material handling concept
The height of the rear section of the chassis, including the conveyors and augers, can be infinitely varied at the push of a button – even when working at maximum pave width. This ensures that the auger always operates at the correct height, receiving the material from above. This, in turn, supports a high conveying capacity as well as optimum spreading of the mix.

AutoSet Plus Repositioning function (option)
With the AutoSet Plus Repositioning function, the paver is quickly and safely prepared for a move on the job site at the push of a button. After the move, all paver components are reset to their previous working positions, simply by pressing the button again. This ensures that no settings are lost when changing between “Pave” and “Job Site” modes. AutoSet Plus also effectively prevents damage during transport.

Choice of operating modes for the paver
All the main paving and machine functions can be controlled directly by individual push-buttons on the paver operator’s ErgoPlus 3 console. By pressing the arrow buttons, up or down, the operator changes modes in the following order: “Neutral”, “Job Site”, “Positioning” and “Pave”. An LED indicates the mode selected.

Safe operation during the night
Glarefree backlighting comes on automatically as darkness sets in so that the paver operator can also work safely on night-time jobs.

Display of the paver operator’s console
The high-contrast colour display provides for brilliant readability even in poor lighting conditions. Vital information is shown on menu level 1, such as the positions of the screed tow point rams or the material level in the conveyor tunnel. Further paver functions such as speeds of tamper and vibrators or feed rate of the augers can easily be set up via the display, too. And the display gives access to machine-related information such as fuel consumption or service hours.

PaveDock Assistant (option)
With the PaveDock Assistant signal lights, the paver operator can give the driver of the feed vehicle unmistakable signals, indicating what needs to be done (e.g. reverse, stop, dump mix). The lights are conveniently activated directly from the paver operator’s ErgoPlus 3 console.

Choice of engine speed ranges
For the diesel engine, there is a choice of three modes to select from: MIN, ECO and MAX. To switch modes for engine rpm, all the operator needs to do is press the arrow buttons, up or down. In ECO mode, the engine delivers sufficient power for a great number of paving applications. Operating in ECO mode reduces noise emissions and fuel consumption considerably.

Screed Assist (option)
This button switches Screed Assist on (LED lights up) or off. Screed Assist pressure and balance can be set via the display. Screed Assist is active only when the screed is floating.

The ErgoPlus 3 screed console

The screed is crucial for pavement quality. Therefore, easy and positive handling of all screed functions is of the utmost importance for high-quality road construction. With ErgoPlus 3, the screed operator has the paving process at his fingertips. All functions are easily comprehensible and all controls are clearly arranged.

The screed operator’s console
The screed operator’s console is designed in keeping with the conditions prevailing on the job site. Push-buttons are provided for the frequently used functions operated from the screed operator’s console. These are watertight and enclosed in palpably raised rings, so that they are identifiable blindfold simply by touch even when wearing work gloves. Important paver and screed data can be called up and adjusted from the screed operator’s console, too.

The display of the screed operator’s console
The display of the screed operator’s console allows the screed operator to control and monitor both the left and the right side of the screed. Machine-related parameters such as tamper speed or conveyor speed can be adjusted conveniently via the display panel of the screed console. The clear menu structure, combined with easily understandable, self-explanatory symbols neutral in language, makes operating the display panel both simple and safe.

Crown adjustment at the press of a button
The crown can be conveniently adjusted at the press of a button on the screed operator’s console. When pressing the “plus” or “minus” keys, the set crown value is shown on the display.

Ergonomic screed width control in two speeds
The screed width can be effortlessly adjusted by means of the SmartWheel. This is done in two speeds: slow, for precise control e.g. along an edge, or fast, for rapid extension or retraction of the screed.

Optimum visibility even in darkness
The screed operator’s console is specially designed for night-time operation. To prevent operator errors, the buttons are backlit as soon as dusk falls or in darkness. What‘s more, the downward-angled high-power LED lighting gives the operator a perfect view of all processes associated with the side plate.

VÖGELE Niveltronic Plus

Niveltronic Plus, the System for Automated Grade and Slope Control, is an in-house development by JOSEPH VÖGELE AG based on many years of experience in grade and slope control technology. Easy operation, precision and reliability are its hallmarks, ensuring perfect mastery of all grade and slope control jobs.

This fully integrated system is optimally adapted to the machine technology of the SUPER pavers. All wiring and connections, for instance, are integrated into the tractor unit and screed, effectively eliminating all risk of damage to these components.

Left-hand side of screed – Right-hand side of screed

1 The value (in cm) displays the height of the tow point ram on the left-hand side.
2 Shows the value specified for the sensor on the left-hand side. For grade sensors, values are indicated in mm. When working with the slope sensor, values are indicated in percent.
3 Shows the type of sensor selected for the left-hand side. Displayed here in this example is the symbol of the sonic sensor used in Ground mode.
4 The value (in cm) displays the height of the tow point ram on the right-hand side.
5 Shows the value specified for the sensor on the right-hand side. For grade sensors, values are indicated in mm. When working with the slope sensor, values are indicated in percent.
6 Shows the type of sensor selected for the right-hand side. Displayed here in this example is the symbol of the sonic sensor used in Ground mode.
7 Shows the actual value picked up by the sensor.
8 Shows the sensitivity set for the sensor selected.

VÖGELE naturally offer a particularly large and practical selection of sensors permitting versatile use of the Niveltronic Plus system. Whether car parks, roundabouts or highways need to be built or rehabilitated, VÖGELE offer the right sensor for every job site situation.

Sensors can be changed quickly and easily, for Niveltronic Plus automatically detects which sensor is connected, thus simplifying the configuration process for the user.

The ErgoPlus 3 operator‘s stand

The comfortable operator’s stand gives an unobstructed view of all crucial areas on the paver such as material hopper, steering guide or screed.

The seats, which swing out to the sides, and the streamlined design of the paver operator’s platform ensure maximum visibility of the auger tunnel, allowing the paver operator to keep an eye on the head of mix in front of the screed at all times.

Working comfortably
The paver operator’s seat and console, as well as the screed operator’s consoles can now be adjusted even more easily to personal needs.

A place for everything and everything in its place
The paver operator’s stand, with its streamlined design, is well organized, offering the paver operator a professional workplace. The operator’s console can be protected by a shatter-proof cover to prevent wilful damage.

Hardtop gives excellent protection
The modern hardtop made of glass fibre-reinforced polymer material shelters the operator, come rain or shine.

Consistent service concept
All “Dash 3” pavers have a consistent maintenance concept with identical service intervals.

Safe and comfortable ascent
The walkway and comfortable middle ascent on the screed ensure safe and convenient access to the paver operator’s platform.

Ergonomic screed operator’s console
The height and position of the console are easily adjusted. The high-contrast colour display can be read clearly from all angles.

Screeds for all applications

A powerful tractor unit calls for a screed to match. Every application has its own specific requirements. Consequently, your daily work routine ultimately decides which configuration is right for you. When it comes to pave width, layer thickness and laydown rate, the SUPER 3000-3i is designed to deliver absolute top performances. Together with the AB 600 Extending Screed and the SB 300 and SB 350 Fixed-Width Screeds, it achieves optimum paving quality particularly economically.

AB 600 Extending Screed

The AB 600 Extending Screed is particularly adaptable, making it ideal for paving in varying widths and on winding roads.

It has a basic width of 3m. Equipped with the VÖGELE single-tube telescoping system, its pave width is infinitely variable up to 6m. With the addition of bolt-on extensions, even strips as wide as 9.5m can be paved without joints.

In addition to the TV, TP1 and TP2 screed versions, the very high-compaction TP2 Plus version is also available for the AB 600 Extending Screed.

AB 600

Pave widths

  • Infinitely variable range from 3m to 6m
  • Larger widths through the addition of bolt-on extensions up to a maximum of 9.5m

Compacting systems

  • AB 600 TV with tamper and vibrators
  • AB 600 TP1 with tamper and one pressure bar
  • AB 600 TP2 with tamper and two pressure bars
  • AB 600 TP2 Plus with tamper and two pressure bars for maximum precompaction
  • Outstanding paving thanks to optimum tamper and screed plate geometry
  • Hydraulic crown adjustment
  • Ergonomic screed operator’s console
  • Safe, convenient screed step
  • Convenient hydraulically adjustable side plates
  • Highly efficient screed heating

SB 300 and SB 350 Fixed-Width Screeds

Fixed-width screeds from VÖGELE deliver absolutely high-quality, perfectly even results. They show their strengths wherever large pave widths have to be handled, when laying down thick layers (e.g. crushed-stone bases) and where high degrees of precompaction have to be achieved. The SUPER 3000-3i can be combined with the SB 300 and SB 350 Fixed-Width Screeds.

Both of these screeds have a considerable range of pave widths extending from 3 to 16m for the SB 300 and from 3.5 to 18m for the SB 350. The two screeds and the SUPER 3000-3i can also handle layer thicknesses of up to 50cm.

  • Excellent surface accuracy thanks to high stability across the entire pave width
  • New telescoping and positioning system for ergonomic, time-saving set-up
  • Hydraulic bolt-on extensions with unique variability from 2 x 1.25m
  • Tamper stroke can be adjusted hydraulically at the push of a button (selection between 4 and 8mm)
  • Efficient electric heating with innovative monitoring system for rapid screed heating

SB 300

Pave widths

  • Basic width 3m. Larger widths up to a maximum of 16m with the addition of bolt-on extensions
  • Thanks to hydraulic bolt-on extensions (125cm), users can also benefit from the advantages of VÖGELE extending screed technology when operating with fixed-width screeds

Compacting systems

  • SB 300 TV with tamper and vibrators
  • SB 300 TP1 with tamper and one pressure bar
  • SB 300 TP2 with tamper and two pressure bars

SB 350

Pave widths

  • Basic width 3.5m. Larger widths up to a maximum of 18m with the addition of bolt-on extensions
  • Thanks to hydraulic bolt-on extensions (125cm), users can also benefit from the advantages of VÖGELE extending screed technology when operating with fixed-width screeds

Compacting systems

  • SB 350 TV with tamper and vibrators
  • SB 350 TP1 with tamper and one pressure bar
  • SB 350 TP2 with tamper and two pressure bars

Convenient and efficient: New installation aids and new heating system

To ensure that the SB screeds are quickly ready for use even for paving across large widths, the attachment of bolt-on extensions has been hugely simplified: a newly developed telescoping and positioning system helps the operator mount the extensions correctly. As a result, the individual bolt-on extensions can be adjusted quickly and easily – considerably reducing set-up times. To ensure that the screed reaches operating temperature quickly, the SB 300 and SB 350 have been equipped with a new heating system. The screed plate, tamper and pressure bars heat up twice as fast and much more uniformly than before – and are up and running in no time.

Hydraulic Tamper-stroke adjustment at the press of a button

The correct setting of the tamper stroke has a key impact on the compaction results and floating behaviour of fixed-width screeds. Since adjusting the tamper stroke mechanically is a very time-consuming process, it is often not adjusted, even when different layer thicknesses are being paved with one and the same screed. This prompted VÖGELE to develop the hydraulic tamper-stroke adjustment system. With this system, paver operators can set the optimum tamper stroke of 4mm or alternatively 8mm for the particular paving job simply at the push of a button. This option allows high-quality paving results to be achieved even more conveniently.

High flexibility thanks to hydraulic bolt-on extensions

Both fixed-width screeds offer high flexibility when combined with the newly developed extra-wide hydraulic bolt-on extensions. Using the SmartWheel, the pave width can now be hydraulically varied by 1.25m on each side of the screed – adding up to a total adjustment range of 2.5m. This offers a high level of flexibility and saves time, too, particularly on projects involving varying pave widths.


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