SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet – The highlights of the new generation

The SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet is ideally suited to paving thin layers on spray seal or for any kind of conventional paving on tack coat.

The SprayJet Module offers a number of advantages from the technological point of view. The rate of spread is infinitely variable from 0.3 to 1.6kg/m²*, thus allowing to spray even small quantities of emulsion. A low spraying pressure of no more than 3 bar reduces spray mist and soiling of adjacent areas to a minimum.

  • World’s unique spray paver for placing thin asphalt overlay as well as conventional binder and surface courses
  • VÖGELE EcoPlus low-emissions package
  • Uniform “Dash 3” service concept ensures easy maintenance and cuts training costs
  • PaveDock sprung push-rollers absorb all jolts from the feed lorry
  • Emulsion sprayed at a rate of 0.3 to 1.6kg/m²* in a clean and controlled process
  • Cutting-edge ErgoPlus 3 operating concept for paver and spray module
  • AutoSet Plus automatic functions for rapid relocation on the job site and storing paving programs
  • ErgoPlus 3 screed console with SmartWheel for convenient adjustment of the screed width
  • Ultramodern and precise screed technology

*The rate of spread per m² must be determined as a function of the emulsion or tack coat to be used. The rate of spread depends on the emulsion or tack coat's consistency and temperature when applied, and on the size of nozzles used for spraying.


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