• SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet

    Weight 22 tonnes48,500 Ibs.
    Width of Spread 6m19 ft. 8
    Rate of Spread 0.3 - 1.6kg/m²*0.06 - 0.33 lb/ft²
    Emulsion Tank 2,100 litres550 gal. (US)

    The SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet is ideally suited to paving thin layers on spray seal or for any kind of conventional paving on tack coat.

  • SUPER 2100-3i IP for Binder Course

    Weight 29 tonnes63,930 Ibs.
    Basic Width 3m9 ft. 10 in.
    Pave Width 8.5m27 ft. 11 in.
    Conveying Capacity 1,200 tonnes/h (max)1,322.77 tons/h. (max)

    The core of the InLine Pave train is a SUPER 2100-3i of standard design which has undergone modification. SUPER 2100-3i IP comes with a special transfer module for surface course mix and an AB 600 TP2 Plus Extending Screed of advanced design, with tamper and 2 pressure bars.

*The rate of spread per m² must be determined as a function of the emulsion or tack coat to be used. The rate of spread depends on the emulsion or tack coat's consistency and temperature when applied, and on the size of nozzles used for spraying.


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