SUPER 1603 – Highlights

As a paver in the new VÖGELE Classic Line, the SUPER 1603 comes with a very solid range of basic equipment. The most striking feature of this machine is its ErgoBasic operating concept. Delivering a powerful drive when maximum performance is called for, this Universal Class paver is exceedingly flexible in everyday operation.

The VÖGELE AB 480 Extending Screed used with the SUPER 1603 can be extended to a maximum pave width of 6.3m by means of fixed bolt-on extensions.

  • Powerful and reliable thanks to the modern 116kW diesel engine
  • Perfect paving quality due to perfect material management
  • Significantly smaller turning radius due to Pivot Steer steering brake
  • Simple operation with the innovative and easy-to-grasp ErgoBasic operating system
  • New and easy-to-use Niveltronic Basic System for Automated Grade and Slope Control
  • Easy service concept, perfectly geared to the requirements of the workshop and service staff
  • Combines with the AB 480 Extending Screed in the TV version

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