WITOS Paving – Road construction 4.0

Top paving quality, networked processes, transparent documentation and tight time tolerances - requirements on modern road construction are stringent. At the same time, construction companies want to increase their job efficiency and reduce standstill costs. Regardless of whether comprehensive process optimization, straightforward documentation or paving temperature monitoring are required – WITOS Paving Plus, WITOS Paving Docu and RoadScan from VÖGELE provide the right digital solutions for every requirement.

WITOS Paving Plus

The full version of WITOS Paving Plus is the software-based process management solution from VÖGELE that networks all players, from the mixing plant to the paver operator It consists of five modules in total and allows job-site planning (Control), supply of the mix (Materials), transport of the mix (Transport), asphalt paving (JobSite) and subsequent analysis of the processes (Analysis) to be controlled in real time using a single system. This enables site managers and paving teams to respond quickly and appropriately to possible faults and to make processes much more efficient. The dynamic logistics and machine control system with corresponding controlling also leads to higher quality.

WITOS Paving Docu

With WITOS Paving Docu, site managers and foremen can get started directly on the job site without any prior planning and record a wide array of additional paver and paving data, such as working widths, pave speed and interruptions to the paving work and the effective paving time Delivery notes can also be scanned in using a QR code or entered manually, allowing paved areas, paved material quantities and areal densities to be calculated continuously. At the end of a day's paving, job-site reports are sent automatically by e-mail to selected recipients. The app and the paver are networked via WLAN, so information can be exchanged between the machine and the foreman’s smartphone even where there is no mobile phone connection.


With the non-contacting RoadScan temperature measurement system, VÖGELE provide an innovative and economical solution for the road construction sector. Making quality measurable is one of the major challenges for contractors and clients worldwide. In road construction, it is particularly important to verify that a constant temperature of the freshly paved asphalt has been maintained, as this is a key criterion for ensuring the quality and durability of roads. As a result, the significance of area-wide temperature monitoring is currently on the rise in an increasing number of markets.