Applications Technology
Applications Technology.

VÖGELE focus entirely on road pavers, screeds and material feeders and are hence a highly competent contact for questions on applications in the field of road construction. continue reading

Machine Technology
Machine technology.

VÖGELE pavers are equipped with sophisticated technology for paving asphalt and roadbase materials. This competence is supplemented by machine technology for special applications and material feeding. continue reading

Screed Technology
Screed Technology.

Equipped with high-performance systems, smart control and monitoring functions as well as numerous equipment options, VÖGELE screeds come with all it takes to achieve the highest pavement quality. continue reading

Grade & Slope Control
Grade & Slope Control.

VÖGELE 2D and 3D Systems for Grade and Slope Control and Navigation as well as a wide range of high-precision sensors ideally suited for practical applications permit the construction of perfect pavements of superb evenness, true to line and level. continue reading