Applications Technology

WITOS FleetView

User-friendly web application with clear and well organized submenus. continue reading

WITOS Paving in practice

The tried-and-tested process optimization system now offers new functions. continue reading

VÖGELE InLine Pave

InLine Pave train includes the SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet for paving the surface course. continue reading

WITOS Paving

The process management solution to enhance quality in road construction. continue reading


Area-wide temperature measurement across the entire pave width up to 10m. continue reading

Spray Paver – Latest Stage

The new VÖGELE SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet shows exactly what a spray paver is capable of. continue reading

Advantages of “AutoSet Plus“

Interview with André Felchner, Head of Applications Technology, VÖGELE. continue reading

InLine Pave®: FGSV Colloquium

VÖGELE InLine Pave® rooted in the German catalogue of construction methods. continue reading

InLine Pave®: Expert Interviews

There is a future for compact asphalt pavements. Talking with the experts. continue reading

Compact Asphalt Pavements

Frequently asked questions and answers concerning the inviting of tenders for compact asphalt pavements. continue reading

InLine Pave®: The Best Method

Lars Keller and his company carried out several projects with VÖGELE InLine Pave®. He talks with RoadNews about his experience. continue reading

Paving Thin Overlay is Convincing
Paving Thin Overlay is a Convincing Option.

Interview with Volker Schäfer (Dipl.-Ing.), expert in the field of asphalt road construction. continue reading

Accurate Rate of Spread
Step by Step Guide to Perfect Spraying.

To ensure that the SUPER 1800-2 with SprayJet Module produces a perfect pavement, the nozzles of the spray module must be precisely calibrated before work starts. continue reading

Thin Overlay on Spray Seal
Klaus Graf.

Paving thin overlay on spray seal, hot on hot. Interview with Klaus Graf (Dipl.-Ing.), expert on noise-absorbing asphalt pavements. continue reading

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC)
Roller Compacted Concrete.

In order to achieve perfect results when placing RCC, several factors, such as properties of the concrete and settings of the screed, must be taken into consideration. continue reading

InLine Pave®
InLine Pave®.

Interview with Jürgen Israel of Bautzen Roads Authority, Germany, about InLine Pave®. continue reading

Binder Course with InLine Pave®

Interview with materials tester Professor Dr Kurt Schellenberg about InLine Pave®. continue reading

"Hot on Hot" with InLine Pave®
Material samples.

Results of the official tests conducted on "hot on hot" paving using two pavers. continue reading

A Vögele paver.

The new VÖGELE system for 3D Machine Control stood the test in practice. continue reading