“AutoSet Plus” is Quality Assurance at the Press of a Button

“AutoSet Plus” functions and their specific advantages.

RoadNews: Mr Felchner, you are Head of Applications Technology at JOSEPH VÖGELE AG. What in your view are the main practical advantages that the two “AutoSet Plus” functions have for the user?

André Felchner: Apart from the very practical Repositioning and Transport functions, the key thing for the customer about the new “AutoSet Plus” is that he can now save his paving programs on it. As you know, it is not at all uncommon to go to a job site and find that the paving conditions there are similar to a previous one. And of course it’s a lot easier for the operator if he has a paving program that has already proven its worth – and that he can easily fine tune to suit the new job site.

RoadNews: The time saved is indeed often a key argument. How much time does “AutoSet Plus” actually save in everyday use through the automation of regularly recurring processes?

André Felchner: I would put it like this: of course automation saves time, particularly when it comes to positioning the machine. But what the operator mainly notices on the job site is the much more user-friendly operation, thanks to the less laborious setting process, for instance. At VÖGELE, the steady improvement in operability has been a key objective since the development of ErgoPlus. And the response from the field shows that this enhanced operation is being praised and much appreciated by our customers.

RoadNews: Let’s talk about process safety. Job site crews change from time to time and often have very different skill levels. How can “AutoSet Plus” improve this situation?

André Felchner: The answer lies in the question. To put it briefly, automating the functions enables even less experienced users to work at the standard and knowledge level of a highly experienced paver operator. By “transferring knowledge” in the form of paving programs, “AutoSet Plus” contributes to much greater process safety and hence of course to improved paving quality.

RoadNews: The Repositioning function is, as we know, relatively simple: one press of the button and “AutoSet Plus” handles the rest. By comparison, the Paving Programs function seems to need a little more explanation. What can you say about it?

André Felchner: Both functions are extremely easy to use. This Repositioning function is exclusive to VÖGELE pavers – and users on job sites are delighted with it. The ability to save individual paving programs is now complemented with a new and revolutionary concept that allows a particular paving quality, once achieved, to be reproduced time and again for similar paving conditions – and in an extremely simple way. That’s because the paver and screed settings are recognized automatically by “AutoSet Plus” and can be stored by the user at the press of a button. Quality assurance really couldn't be simpler.

RoadNews: Can you give us examples of a few typical paving situations in which an operator would gain from the “AutoSet Plus” paving programs?

André Felchner: Examples, of course, are job sites with recurrent similar requirements, for instance large areas like car parks. If the paver and screed settings have been saved as a program, you can call them up as a presetting on a similar job site. They can then be swiftly fine-tuned. The paving programs are also an advantage when different operators are working with the same paver. Thanks to the paving programs, everyone uses the same saved settings. This standardizes the paving quality.

RoadNews: The automation of certain paver functions is set to become increasingly important in future. Where do you as a paving professional stand on that?

André Felchner: I see it exactly the same way. But automatic functions cannot and will not ever replace the know-how of paving professionals. After all, it should not be forgotten in all this that the laying of asphalt is a craft – which is why it needs such a lot of craftsmanship and sure instincts. But the automatic functions do simplify our work, so that we paver operators can focus more effectively on the essentials.

RoadNews: Mr Felchner, thank you for your time.