Step by Step Guide to Perfect Spraying

Calibration made easy.

Total time required: 35 minutes.

To ensure that the SUPER 1800-2 with SprayJet Module produces a perfect pavement, the nozzles of the spray module must be precisely calibrated before work starts. RoadNews explains how:


Time required for the preparations: approx. 25 minutes.

Step 1

Select “Ignition On” on the VÖGELE paver operator’s console. Switch on the spray module (green button). Start engine when the operator’s console and spray module are ready.

Step 2

Open the red rotary valve in front of the pressure gauge and the three ball valves of the respective spray bar. Open the return line, then the bypass. Set the grey ball valves next to the emulsion pump to “Spray”.

Step 3


The emulsion must be at the correct temperature!

Step 4

Set the selection switch on the spray module to position 3 “Circulation”.

Step 5

Set the pump speed to approx. 250 litres/min. via the buttons on the spray module. Let the emulsion circulate for about 20 – 25 minutes.

Step 6

The spray ramps must feel hot before calibration can continue!


Time required for calibration: 5 – 10 minutes.

Step 1

Weigh a suitable container and zero the scales.

Step 2

Place the container under spray nozzle 1 (outermost nozzle on the left-hand spray bar).

Step 3

Set the selector switch in the “Service” menu to position “6”.

Step 4

On the touch screen of the spray module, press the “open-end wrench” button (bottom right). The service menu for the spray module is now displayed.

Step 5

First press the “Key” button at the bottom left. Select “Calibrate nozzles”.

Step 6

Activate “Calibrate nozzles” on the touch screen. The emulsion pump starts up.

Step 7

The system reaches the set nominal pressure (e.g. 3 bar) after about 20 seconds. Nozzle 1 opens and sprays emulsion into the container for exactly 20 seconds.

Step 8

Weigh the amount of sprayed emulsion and multiply by 3 to calculate the weight per minute. Example: 0.9kg/20 sec. x 3 = 2.7kg/min.

Step 9

Enter the calculated value, e.g. 2.7kg/min., under “Quantity sprayed by one nozzle” in the “Parameters” menu of the spray module.

Step 10


Calibration is now complete!