The innovative process management solution to enhance quality and efficiency in road construction

Amid growing cost pressures and demands for better pavement quality and a longer road service life, it is becoming increasingly important to exploit untapped potential for the paving process. This is where WITOS Paving comes into play. The VÖGELE solution for process optimization and documentation lays the basis for more effective planning, greater transparency and a targeted, more rapid response to disruptions in the main processes associated with asphalt paving.

All parties involved in the project are linked in a network. WITOS Paving connects the supervisors in the asphalt mixing plant, the logistics company’s lorry drivers and the entire paving team on site. The system provides planning engineers and site managers with a full overview of the current construction process. Disturbances and obstructions arising in the construction process are detected more rapidly, providing the persons in charge with a wide range of possibilities for intervening. They are put in a position where they can take immediate optimization measures and remedy deviations from the planned workflow in real time.

What’s more, the projects can be analysed and documented with WITOS Paving after completion of the job site. The collected data are then available to optimize future projects. In this way, working with WITOS will, in the medium and long term, help to significantly boost the overall cost-efficiency of road construction projects.

The highlights of WITOS Paving

  • WITOS Paving facilitates project planning, above all the scheduling of pavers. The system makes it possible to precisely plan the amount of material required as well as the cycles of material deliveries to the job site.
  • WITOS Paving enhances process stability, cuts operating costs and leads to a sustained improvement in pavement quality.
  • The just-in-time principle supports non-stop paving and prevents the mix cooling in the feed lorries as a result of prolonged waiting times.
  • The networking of all parties involved in the project reveals any deviations of the operations on site from the plan so that immediate remedial measures can be taken.
  • The inclusion of machine data, such as pave width and pave speed, as well as the integration of the VÖGELE RoadScan system for temperature measurement of the freshly paved asphalt make the construction process transparent and suitable for analysis.
  • The analysis and documentation of operations with the help of WITOS Paving are quality assurance tools. They efficiently support the detection of faults and lead to a sustained improvement in the construction process.

Fully integrated system solution from the machine manufacturer

WITOS Paving is a unique solution from VÖGELE, the machine manufacturer, a long-standing reliable partner of the road construction industry. The paver specialist’s profound applications know-how and the worldwide service and consulting network of the WIRTGEN GROUP give customers maximum security and reliability — and on a long-term basis, too.

Advantages of a fully integrated system solution

  • Full integration of the WITOS Paving system into the machine provides high functional security.
  • As manufacturer of the machine technology, VÖGELE ensure that all relevant machine and paving data (such as pave width and pave speed) are connected through WITOS Paving. As a result, key parameters are available for precise planning and indication of the project’s progress.
  • Since the paver’s operating status (paving, relocation on the job site, transport, neutral) is always recorded, WITOS Paving is able to carry out an extensive process analysis, thus collecting vital information for potential improvement.
  • Integrating WITOS Paving into the paver operator‘s ErgoPlus console ensures that the paver operator is directly included in the system. He receives up-to-date information on the arrival of mix lorries and the progress on site.
  • With WITOS Paving, our customers are optimally organized. They have the entire service and consulting competence of the WIRTGEN GROUP at their disposal.

WITOS Paving − New perspectives for asphalt paving

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