WITOS Paving in practice

WITOS Paving is the innovative VÖGELE solution for optimizing processes in road construction. The system already has a proven track record in practical applications. Now VÖGELE are further enhancing the system’s practical performance with additional functions.

Amid growing cost pressures, demands for better pavement quality and a longer road service life, it is becoming increasingly important to exploit untapped potential in the paving process. WITOS Paving from VÖGELE is a solution that brings the different players together – from the construction manager through the asphalt mixing plant and the lorry driver to the paving team. The system covers the planning and control of asphalt job sites, ensuring greater transparency across the entire paving process. The fact that the data are available in real time enables users to respond more rapidly and effectively to deviations from plans and to disruptions. That’s confirmed by one of the customers, the managing director of Franz Schelle GmbH & Co. KG, Franz Schelle: “WITOS Paving has made the paving process a whole lot smoother. The paving team, for instance, always knows how many lorries are approaching the job site and can react accordingly, by requesting more lorries, for example. That means the pave speed of our SUPER pavers always remains constant – which in turn improves the paving quality enormously.”

One-stop software and machine solution: The only paver-integrated system

In the VÖGELE solution, the software and the machine technology come from a single source – and the benefits of this are compelling. For instance, this means that no interfaces are required. “WITOS Paving is the only system that offers direct access to the most important machine data,” explains Dr Stephan Weller, Head of Software Products at VÖGELE. Contractor and WITOS Paving customer Franz Schelle also recognizes the practical advantages: “WITOS Paving combines parameters from planning with such paver data as layer thickness and pave speed. This is one benefit that third-party suppliers of process optimization software are unable to match.”

High functional security thanks to values obtained in the field

Being a fully integrated system solution, WITOS Paving offers a high degree of functional security in operation. The fact that all job data, such as pave width and pave speed, are recorded in real time is just one contributing factor. This means that paving teams are always working with data that have been obtained in the field rather than calculated virtually. With no need to enter figures manually, the process is also more convenient for users. In addition, the exact operating status of the paver (paving, relocation on the job site, transport and neutral) is detected automatically.

Field experience demonstrates that WITOS Paving is easy to learn and boosts efficiency

“Planning has become much simpler since WITOS Paving was introduced,” reports Franz Schelle, Managing Director of Franz Schelle GmbH & Co. KG. “There’s no need to enter figures in calculation programs. WITOS Paving thinks and calculates for itself. That saves a huge amount of time.” Even training the team in the use of WITOS Paving had been surprisingly easy: “It took only two or three jobs for us to master the system completely – and that applies to everyone involved in the process.” This thought is echoed by Construction Manager Roman Schruff: “Overall it makes planning, paving and analysis significantly easier, because the system includes and records the relevant data – from the mixing plant and the lorry travel times to the paving temperature. I am highly satisfied with WITOS Paving.”

The right hardware for each participant

The strategic importance of process optimization, efficiency and standardization is well known. WITOS Paving makes it easier to get started. That’s because the technology is intuitive. It is used on a variety of terminal devices – with each participant using the one that best suits them. Before the construction work begins, for instance, the construction manager prepares the project on the PC in his office using the WITOS Paving “Control” module. The mixing plant supervisor also uses a PC to run the “Materials” module. The lorries report their precise position to the system via an app on the driver’s smartphone (“Transport” module). The information includes the expected arrival time at the job site or the mixing plant – and this is all done automatically. The paving foreman uses the “JobSite” module on a tablet or outdoor PC on site, and/or the paver operator runs it via his ErgoPlus 3 console. After completion, the project is analysed back in the construction manager’s office.

VÖGELE integrate new benefits and improvements

It is not only the construction companies that use WITOS Paving who are constantly learning and optimizing their processes – VÖGELE, too, are continually improving the system. “The feedback from customers is invaluable for us and has already led to new tools,” reports Dr Stephan Weller, Head of Software Products at VÖGELE. WITOS Paving records incoming and queuing mix lorries automatically by geo-fencing, for instance, while the delivery notes are registered by means of QR code and scanner. Once the drivers set off on their return journey, the asphalt mixing plant is informed of their expected time of arrival. Travel times are calculated solely on the basis of professional lorry navigation systems. What is more, WITOS Paving can now be used even without the involvement of the mixing plant. Also new are the possibilities of planning crowns via the system and optimizing the ongoing paving process from the office, while the smart “outstanding quantity calculator” – also available on the job site – is particularly helpful.

The new functions of WITOS Paving

  • Variable job-site geometries taken into account in the planning to ensure even more precise determination of quantities
  • Lorry cycles adapted to the job-site geometries
  • Geo-fencing around the paver automatically detects incoming and queuing mix lorries
  • Estimated time of arrival of the lorries now also available for the mixing plant
  • Delivery notes registered via QR code for fast, easy acceptance on the job site by scanner
  • HCQ compaction data (recorded by HAMM rollers) integrated into the system
  • The JobSite Client, an offline solution that allows data to be recorded even in areas with no mobile phone coverage
  • WITOS Paving can be operated without the participation of the mixing plant and lorry

Valuable findings for future construction projects

What exactly is the point of analysing job sites? “WITOS Paving gives us a huge pool of data. That enables us to look at a large number of aspects – so that if the mix runs out, for instance, we can see exactly where the problem was,” says Franz Schelle, Managing Director of Schelle. He confirms that the system delivers important findings on the paver’s operating efficiency: “We can now recognize whether the work added value or whether it only incurred costs.” But WITOS Paving also indicates the reasons: “Was it the volume of traffic? Was there a bottleneck at the mixing plant? Was something about the planning not quite right? Or about the procedures on the job site? Everything is documented – and this provides a veritable treasure trove of data that can be used to improve efficiency on the next job site. And the one after that. And so on, into the future.“ The HCQ (HAMM Compaction Quality) data from HAMM rollers, and hence also the compaction process, are now also documented, and these can be additionally analysed and optimized by means of the “Analysis” module. Details like these are precisely what make WITOS Paving such a worthwhile acquisition for contractors. This thought is echoed by Franz Schelle: “It is already evident that we are continually learning more and improving.” And if any questions arise, users can rely on support from VÖGELE – from a central contact – today and in the future, too. For as part of the WIRTGEN GROUP, VÖGELE – and hence also WITOS Paving – stand for a high level of security for the future.

In a nutshell: this is WITOS Paving

WITOS Paving is the innovative, IT-based process management solution for enhancing quality and efficiency in road construction. The system from VÖGELE, the global Number 1 for road pavers, is fully integrated into the machine technology, offering customers and users unique benefits.

Overview of the five modules of WITOS Paving

1. WITOS Paving Control
Planning and control module with assistant function for convenient planning and monitoring of the current construction project

2. WITOS Paving Materials
Mixing plant module for supplying the job site with material just in time, on the basis of dynamically cycled delivery

3. WITOS Paving Transport
Transport module updating the mix lorries’ estimated arrival times on the basis of the current lorry positions

4. WITOS Paving JobSite
Job site module for efficient process management throughout the construction period

5. WITOS Paving Analysis
Analysis module for documentation and analysis of the construction job