Grade and Slope Control: One Sensor for Two Applications

Multi-Cell Sonic Sensor from VÖGELE now available with extended functionality.

The well-proven Multi-Cell Sonic Sensor from VÖGELE is now even more versatile: redesigned connectors allow it to be used for grade and slope control not only on the Big MultiPlex Ski, but also as a single sensor combined with VÖGELE NIVELTRONIC®, the System for Automated Grade and Slope Control.

With its sophisticated technology, the Multi-Cell Sonic Sensor has already proved invaluable on many job sites. For grade control, it emits five sound cones to scan the reference. The two measured values which diverge most strongly from the specified value are filtered out and the other three used to calculate an average. These data are then transmitted to NIVELTRONIC® for grade and slope control.

Due to its versatility, the Multi-Cell Sonic Sensor can not only scan the ground (Ground Mode), but can also use a tensioned wire as a reference (Stringline Mode). It is particularly suitable for compensating short irregularities on the one hand or, in Stringline Mode, for copying a reference 1:1.

Three sensors on the Big MultiPlex Ski

To compensate long irregularities in the base, NIVELTRONIC® is recommended to be used in combination with a Big MultiPlex Ski. The ski works with three Multi-Cell Sonic Sensors mounted on a beam up to 13m long. All three sensors deliver their picked up values to the Big MultiPlex Ski’s central unit which, in turn, communicates with NIVELTRONIC®. This sensor system is ideal, above all when great evenness is required but an artificial reference is not available.

Simple solution for two applications

VÖGELE have now extended the Multi-Cell Sonic Sensor’s functionality and fitted it with two connectors: one serves to connect the sensor to a Big MultiPlex Ski (CAN), while the other permits the sensor’s combination with NIVELTRONIC® (analogue). This means that, depending on requirements, one and the same sensor can be used with either the Big MultiPlex Ski or NIVELTRONIC®, making this a worthwhile investment in two respects at once. The sensor’s integration into NIVELTRONIC® is very easy. And just like its predecessor, this Multi-Cell Sonic Sensor, too, is available with a mounting tube.

Example 1: Big MultiPlex Ski

The Big MultiPlex Ski calculates an average from the data collected by three Multi-Cell Sonic Sensors and uses this average to create a virtual reference. Minor differences in grade and large obstacles are filtered out.

  • The Big MultiPlex Ski levels out long irregularities in the base.
  • Almost any base is suited for referencing, e.g. water-bound base courses, anti-freeze layers or milled surfaces.

Example 2: Use as a Single Sensor

The base is scanned by five sensor cells. The two most strongly diverging measurements are filtered out to ensure that unrealistic irregularities in the reference – due to tools, for example – are not included in the calculation.

  • Compensates short irregularities in a base.
  • Can copy a reference 1:1.
  • The ground or a tensioned wire can be used as a reference.