“AutoSet Plus” – Quality Assurance at the Push of a Button

Two in one: Useful repositioning and transport function, as well as individual paving programs.

With their new “Dash 3” pavers, VÖGELE have once again raised the bar to lofty heights when it comes to innovations in road construction: the economical and eco-friendly machine concept “VÖGELE EcoPlus” saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions. Thanks to the ECO mode, noise levels, too, are reduced substantially. The “PaveDock Assistant” simplifies communication between driver of the feed lorry and paver operator during the transfer of mix. Inadvertent shocks during the docking procedure are now a thing of the past.

ErgoPlus 3 makes operation even more intuitive, for instance with a high-contrast colour display that remains clearly legible in all lighting conditions. “AutoSet Plus” is a particularly revolutionary feature which is now installed in all “Dash 3“ pavers from the Universal Class upwards. Its two functions greatly enhance the safety and convenience of on-site processes, improving pavement quality into the bargain.

Repositioning and transport function

VÖGELE pavers feature an automatic repositioning and transport function. “AutoSet Plus” makes it very much easier to relocate from one part of the job site to another. The paver is automatically set to Transport mode simply by pressing the yellow Execute button.

Save paving programs

Paving programs created by the operator can be individually saved with the new automatic function in “AutoSet Plus”. These programs can then be retrieved at the push of a button when required, for instance when working on job sites with comparable conditions or following a change of operator.

Repositioning and Transport Function

Ready for transport at the push of a button

The repositioning and transport function of “AutoSet Plus” ensures that, once made, no setting is lost either when relocating from part of the job site to another or when moving the paver to its parking position when the work is done. The operator simply presses the yellow Execute button and the paver is automatically set to Transport mode, i.e.: the hopper front, auger, screed and deflectors in front of the crawler tracks (if applicable) are raised. The conveyors are briefly reversed so that mix cannot drop out of the conveyor tunnel when repositioning. Finally, the screed is locked.

The special advantage: all settings are saved. Nothing can now be forgotten between paving and relocating the paver. After relocating, all systems are restored to the saved working position as soon as the Execute button is pressed again. A paver that thinks for itself, so to speak, saves an enormous amount of time, greatly enhancing safety while ensuring a consistent pavement quality. The damage typically occurring as a result of transport, e.g. on the auger or deflectors in front of the crawler tracks, is effectively prevented in this way.

All automatic

All the functions which were formerly executed by the operator manually before relocating are now performed automatically by “AutoSet Plus”. And afterwards, everything is automatically restored to the position set before relocating.

Save Paving Programs

Automate recurrent processes and optimize pavement quality

Setting every single paver and screed value by hand takes time. Previously, there was no way around this chore, which had to be carried out over and over again, even when the paver arrived on a job site with similar or almost identical paving conditions as an earlier site.

Now, automating such recurrent processes is a simple matter. “AutoSet Plus” allows the operator to save his selected paver and screed settings for any job on the display of the paver operator’s console: for instance, tamper and vibrator speeds, conveyor and auger speeds, auger height and pave speed. The type of mix used, layer thickness and pave width can be saved in the same way – for each paver operator and each layer! In addition to the paver and screed settings, the paver operator also saves a brief description of the current job site situation.

The saved programs can subsequently be retrieved and activated just as quickly and simply, for instance when similar conditions are encountered on another job site – or when the job in progress is taken over by a different paver operator following a break in work. In this way, “AutoSet Plus” helps to ensure a consistently high pavement quality and process safety. And it saves the user a great deal of time, too.

Save a brief description of the current job site situation and paver settings

If you wish to save your current paver and screed settings as a program for future jobs, proceed as follows with “AutoSet Plus”:

  • Your paver and the associated screed are identified automatically (step 1).
  • Then enter a brief description of the current job site situation (step 2).
  • As soon as the description is complete, your current paver and screed settings automatically appear on the right-hand side of the display (step 3).
  • The paver and screed type, date and time of day are likewise added automatically (step 4).
  • Now press button F8 and save your settings under the program name which is automatically generated for you by “AutoSet Plus” (step 5).

You can also add an individual comment to the program name before it is saved by pressing button F8.

Step 1: Paver and screed

Paver and screed type are identified automatically. Here, for example: SUPER 1900-3i and AB 500 TP2.

Step 2: Brief description of the current job site situation

Type of layer
Select the type of layer to be paved: base, binder, wearing or combined base/wearing course. Individual inputs can be made in the field “?”.

Type of mix
Choose from asphaltic concrete (AC), stone mastic asphalt (SMA), porous asphalt (PA) or material for water-bound base. Individual inputs can be made in the field “?”.

Grain size
What is the maximum grain size of the mix? “AutoSet Plus” supplies six different values. Individual inputs can be made in the field “?”.

Pave width
A selection of standard pave widths is offered in accordance with the screed used. Individual inputs can be made in the field “?”.

Layer thickness
“AutoSet Plus” offers standard layer thickness values, depending on the type of layer selected. Individual inputs can be made in the field “?”.

Tamper stroke
The tamper stroke mechanically set on the screed (2, 4, 7 or 9mm) is saved in.

Step 3: “AutoSet Plus” automatically displays the current paver and screed settings

When you have entered your brief description of the current job site on the left-hand side of the display, “AutoSet Plus” will automatically list the current paver and screed settings on the right-hand side.

Pave speed
Pave speed at the time of saving the setting. In this example: 6m/min.

Tamper speed
In this example: 45% of max. 1800rpm.

Pressure of the two pressure bars 1 + 2
In this example: 35% and 35% of max. 120 bar.

Auger height adjustment
Depends on the type and grain size of the mix and on the layer thickness. The thickness set in this example was 10cm.

Screed Freeze
“OFF” or “ON” indicates whether or not the screed hold function is active when resuming paving after a break. In this example: ON.

Maximum speed of the two conveyors
Indicates the maximum possible conveyor speeds of the paver program. Here, for example: 50%.

Height adjustment of the tow point rams
Right and left may differ. In this example, the left-hand tow point ram was set to 9cm and the right-hand ram to 10cm.

Screed Assist
The percentage value indicates the amount of relief (0%), while the second value (50 : 50) shows how it is distributed between the two sides of the screed.

Step 4: Name of program and date

The program name is proposed automatically by “AutoSet Plus” after entering the brief description of the current job site situation. Here, for example: “AC16 B-6cm-8m”. The date and time of day are added automatically.

Step 5: Save

Once the brief description of the current job site situation as well as paver and screed settings have been entered, the values can be saved as a program by pressing button F8.

Retrieve Program

Retrieve program, adopt and optimize settings

A saved program can be selected and reactivated from the “AutoSet Plus” program memory at any time, such as on a new job site with comparable requirements for the paving work. One particularly useful feature is that an individual comment can be added to the automatically generated program name, for instance “AC16 B-6cm-8m Joe’s binder”.

This makes it easier to identify the program best suited to the new paving situation. It goes without saying that no two job sites are identical. For this reason, each paver and screed setting saved with the program can be individually adjusted and brought into line with the prevailing conditions.

Step 1: Adopt a program

When selecting and activating a program, the stored paver and screed settings can be adopted without change if the new paving situation is identical with that saved.

Step 2: Change individual program settings

If called for by requirements on the new job site, the stored values (such as pave speed, tamper speed, pressure of the pressure bars, etc.) can be individually changed as applicable and brought into line with the prevailing conditions.

Result: top quality with minimum effort

Maximum pavement quality with a much faster and easier setting process. With “AutoSet Plus”, that is no longer a contradiction in terms! For the user, it means considerably greater process safety, time savings and convenient operation.

Perfect pavement quality, once and for all

Once saved, the paver and screed values can be reactivated as presettings whenever required. As a rule, these presettings will fit the new job site to an extent ranging between 90 and 95%.

Precision adjustment of the remaining 5 – 10% due, for example, to a divergent mix temperature, is made as usual during the paving process. In this way, the values are brought into line with the conditions prevailing on site.