Automated Processes with “AutoSet Plus”

With “AutoSet Plus”, we have enhanced the efficiency and convenience of key job site processes. Two handy functions – the “Repositioning” function and the “Paving Programs” function help automate working processes. This not only saves time but also enhances the pavement quality.

“AutoSet Plus”: The Repositioning Function

The repositioning function allows a fast and safe repositioning of the paver and greatly facilitates the continuation of work when moving the paver on the job site from one work section to another, or after the paver has been transported.

Simply pressing the “Execute” button raises the augers, the hydraulically operated front of the material hopper and the deflectors in front of the crawler tracks to the uppermost positions. The screed is brought into its transport position and hydraulically locked. The conveyors are temporarily reversed, preventing mix falling to the ground when the paver travels to the next work section on site.

Once the paver has been repositioned, pressing the “Execute” button again returns all systems to the previously stored working position. As a result, this function eliminates the repeated set-up of the paver and saves time.

This ensures that no settings are lost when changing from paving to repositioning or transport. It also effectively prevents any damage to the machine.

“AutoSet Plus”: The Paving Programs

The automatic function for paving programs allows the operating personnel to store own paving programs. All key parameters for paving a specific layer can thus be saved on the paver operator’s console:

  • Compacting systems (tamper speed, vibrator speed, pressure of pressure bar(s))
  • Auger height
  • Position of tow point rams
  • Screed Assist pressure
  • Pave speed

He also enters the amount of crown and the screed temperature. The program is completed with additional information on the material being used, the layer thickness and the pave width.

The stored paving programs can subsequently be selected and used at any time via the menu. In the event of a repeat situation, this ensures that work is carried out with exactly the same settings while maintaining a consistent paving quality.

VÖGELE “AutoPlus” offering two automatic functions enhances the efficiency and convenience of work on the job site and provides for greater process safety.