SUPER 800-3i – The Little Giant

Minimum size – Maximum use

With an outer track gauge of just 1.14m, a gauge between track centres of 96cm as well as a clearance width of 1.4m and a height of 1.98m, the new SUPER 800-3i has access to areas for which other pavers are too big, too wide or too tall. Cycle paths and footpaths, public parks, farm tracks, central reservations on motorways, spaces between tramway tracks, small squares, industrial halls, multi-storey and underground car parks, as well as low canopy roofs are consequently its domain. But that is not all: with a maximum pave width of 3.2m and a maximum pave speed of 30m/min, it is also ideal for repair jobs or rehabilitating the binder and surface courses of minor roads.

These are the highlights of the new SUPER 800-3i at a glance:

Large range of uses

Typical of VÖGELE’s Mini Class: the new SUPER 800-3i is at home wherever confined conditions call for an extremely compact and manœuvrable paver. Like its predecessor, the SUPER 800, the new SUPER 800-3i can squeeze into the tightest spaces with its small track gauge and clearance width. It can be supplied with material from excavators or lorries. Moreover, the machine can be transported cost-efficiently on account of its low overall weight.

ErgoBasic operating concept

Good things come in threes! The ErgoBasic operating concept of the new SUPER 800-3i includes the paver operator’s console, the remote control unit for the screed and the remote control unit for the automated grade and slope control system. All three operating elements are based on the principle of “the simpler, the better”. The more easily and intuitively a machine can be operated, the better the paving process can be controlled. And excellent all-round visibility at all times is just one more key factor. An extra upper footstep also gives the operator an excellent view over and beyond the paver.

Function and status indicators
Function and status indicators ensure that the operator always has complete control of the machine, even without a display. The filling level of the fuel tank, for instance, can be read off directly and faults are immediately detectable.

Choice of different operating modes
All the main paving and paver functions can be selected via individual buttons. The paver changes to the next operating mode at the push of a button: “Pave”, “Positioning”, “Relocate”, “Neutral”. An LED indicates which mode has been selected. A Memory function stores all the last settings made when leaving “Pave” mode.

Auger output
In automatic mode, the plus and minus buttons are used to adjust the maximum auger speed separately for right and left to take account of the pave width. The value, which is set in percent, is indicated via the LEDs.

Diesel engine with different speed ranges
MIN, ECO and MAX speeds can be selected for the diesel engine. The required speed range is set via the arrow keys. Working in ECO mode significantly lowers the level of noise and saves fuel.

Compacting effort
The output of the compacting systems is also set on the control console. An LED scale from 0 to 100% shows the set speeds for tamper and vibrators so that it can be adjusted immediately if necessary.

Steering with predetermined steering angle
The machine can be manoeuvred simply and precisely into the tightest of corners with the rotary controller. When negotiating longer bends with constant radii, the desired steering angle can be selected via arrow keys. The paver automatically follows the set path until the function is deactivated.

Paver operator’s ErgoBasic console
The paver operator’s ErgoBasic console is very clearly laid out. All functions are arranged in keeping with practical requirements. The switch types and symbols have been consistently adopted from ErgoPlus 3 and applied to the functions of the Mini Class paver. LED strips directly alongside the respective functions show the status of all settings. In addition, the LEDs show the set speed of the augers and compacting systems and the filling level of the fuel tank. The waterproof function keys can be identified by touch, even when wearing work gloves. Backlighting ensures that the work proceeds safely, even in darkness.

ErgoBasic remote control unit for the screed
The ErgoBasic remote control unit has been specially developed for the screed of the SUPER 800-3i. The waterproof keypad is logically arranged in accordance with the function sequences and the push-buttons feature the same symbols as the paver operator’s console. Intuitive use of all screed functions is assured from the outset, including direct access to the material handling systems and the sonic sensor for the auger. The remote control unit can be parked in magnetic holders on the right and left when it is not actually being held.

Remote control unit for Niveltronic Basic
Niveltronic Basic for automated grade and slope control, is completely integrated into the machine’s control system. The remote control unit makes for particularly simple handling. The handy device includes an automatic sensor detection function and indicates both the specified and the actual values. Sensors are easily changed at the push of a button. The large multi-segment display ensures that the measured values can be clearly read in all lighting conditions. Each side of the screed has its own separate remote control unit.

Traction drives in closed loops

The hydraulic traction drive with separate pumps operating in closed loops permits exceedingly precise steering, repositioning and manoeuvring – an absolute must when working in confined areas. Smooth running is maximized by optimized crawler tracks with additional support rollers.

Asymmetrical material hopper

The large material hopper can hold 5.8t of mix. The special feature is that it is also available with asymmetrical geometry on request, in the form of a hydraulically folding upper section of the left-hand hopper side. This means that material can be supplied even when the feed vehicle is unable to dock on centrally in front of the paver, such as when paving along walls and other obstacles.

Deutz diesel engine

The modern and powerful Deutz diesel engine rated at 55.4kW ensures optimum efficiency and lets the SUPER 800-3i run at a maximum pave speed of 30m/min. A variable-speed fan ensures that the engine is cooled as required. This has the advantage of reducing the engine load as well as noise levels and ensures a longer engine life.

AB 220 TV Extending Screed with tamper and vibrators

The new AB 220 TV Extending Screed has been specially designed for use with the SUPER 800-3i. It comes with a basic width of 1.2m and extends hydraulically up to 2.2m. Additional bolt-on extensions increase the screed’s pave width to a maximum of 3.2m. This variability allows the SUPER 800-3i with AB 220 TV screed to handle minor paving jobs as well as the rehabilitation or even building of small roadways. A special system for pave width reduction is available for jobs smaller than the screed’s basic width of 1.2m.

Once fitted, the pave width can be infinitely reduced from 1.2m to just 0.5m. With tamper and vibrators, the AB 220 TV achieves optimum pre-compaction with outstanding values for a paver of this class. The speed of the eccentric vibrators is variable between 800 rpm and 3,300 rpm. Tamper speed can be set to a maximum of 1,800 rpm.