SUPER 1900-3i: Fuel Savings Put to the Test

A SUPER 2100-2 and a brand-new SUPER 1900-3i were pitted against one another in the Dutch city of Almere. The Royal BAM Group’s team headed by Iwan Trompert wanted to find out first-hand just how the two pavers differed in terms of operation, consumption and pavement quality. Their job was to pave asphalt “hot to hot” on the road leading to an industrial estate. “Dash 2” and “dash 3” machines working side by side on one and the same job site at the same time: that should surely yield precise results.

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The Royal BAM Group’s team in Almere compared the two directly: how much fuel do a “dash 2” paver and a “dash 3” paver need when all other paving parameters are identical?

The project

Pave width: 2x3m “hot to hot”
Pave speed: 5m/min.
Layer thickness: 4cm
Operating mode: ECO


The following values were determined when the work was complete:

Comfortable operator platform

Paver operator Twan van Tienderen first familiarized himself with the new paver on the operator’s stand of the SUPER 1900-3i. The paver’s ergonomic advantages struck him immediately: “You can walk about safely here because the floor of the operator’s stand is absolutely level” and remarked from his workplace behind the ErgoPlus 3 operator’s console that “Visibility is outstanding. You have a first-class view of the material hopper and the entire job site.”

A few settings were all that were needed for van Tienderen to adjust the operating console to the most comfortable position for him. He also tested shifting the paver operator’s console from one side of the platform to the other: “It’s so easy! The rails run so smoothly and changing from left to right as required by the paving situation couldn’t be simpler.”

Strong contrasts

The paver was soon ready for the off. Operating the ErgoPlus 3 console was both simple and safe, for the new colour display is easy to read even in strong sunlight, thanks to the high contrast. That is a feature of great importance in the Netherlands where even SUPER pavers are normally ordered and delivered without hardtop. After starting, another advantage of the new “dash 3” paver became noticeable – it is extremely quiet. And what about the paved result? This is where the sprung “PaveDock” push-rollers came into their own, as screed operator Ruud Slink discovered. “PaveDock” absorbs impacts from the feed vehicles, thus further improving the quality of the pavement. The team’s opinion was clear: “A perfect result and minimum consumption – the new “dash 3” paver is superb.”