Improving What is Already Good: ErgoPlus Becomes ErgoPlus 3

The user-friendly ErgoPlus operating system, which has already proved its practical value on job sites, has been enhanced with useful supplementary features for the new “dash 3” generation. This enhancement has been named ErgoPlus 3.

The high-contrast user interface of the new colour display ensures brilliant readability even in poor lighting connditions. The graphic user interface and the symbols comply with all the latest requirements on product design. Self-explanatory language-neutral symbols allow the operator to work intuitively.

What’s more, the seat and console on the paver operator’s platform, as well as the screed consoles can now be adjusted even more easily to the needs of the paver and screed operators. Side panelling effectively protects the paver operator from the wind and rain.

Colour display

The redesigned colour display features a high-contrast user interface ensuring brilliant readability. Integrated pop-up menus are another new feature to improve process safety.

“PaveDock Assistant”

“PaveDock Assistant” is a system of signal lights with which the paver operator can give the driver of the feed vehicle unmistakable signals, indicating what needs to be done.

“AutoSet Plus”

This function allows the machine to be safely moved on the job site without losing the previously set values. All paver settings are saved simply by pressing the “Execute” button.

More convenience when paving: the new screed console

An optimum workstation is essential, especially for the screed operator. After all, he is largely responsible for producing a first-class asphalt pavement. New “dash 3” generation screed consoles help achieve this: their ergonomic design guarantees safe operation – and ensures first-rate pavement quality.

All functions of the ErgoPlus 3 operating system are easy to understand and clearly arranged on the console. In addition to functions which have already proved their value in practice, VÖGELE have also equipped the screed consoles of the “dash 3” generation with a number of technical innovations to make the everyday work even easier. In this way, the screed operator always has the paving process under his full control.

Colour display

The four-colour display with high contrast and 11cm screen diagonal guarantees optimum readability from all angles. The clear structure with new pop-up menus and the self-explanatory language-neutral symbols make operation particularly safe and simple. Both the left and right-hand side of the screed can be controlled from each screed console.


Brand new development for the “dash 3” generation: the SmartWheel is a rotary controller which can not only be operated “blindfold”, but also ensures that the pave width is adjusted with absolute precision. Two speeds are available to extend and retract the screed quickly or slowly simply by turning the SmartWheel. This is an extremely useful feature when major adjustments in pave width are required. It also ensures fatigue-free and hence reliable operation.

Optimum illumination

The new screed console is specially designed for night-time operation. To prevent operator errors, the buttons are backlit as soon as dusk falls or in darkness. What’s more, the new high-power LED lighting gives the operator a perfect view of all processes associated with the side plates.

Sturdy and weatherproof

The screed console has a particularly sturdy, well sealed housing. Its seamless rubber seal prevents liquids leaking in and protects the console from damage in rough everyday conditions on the job site.