Hot Wheels

The new wheeled SUPER 1603-3i paver is a thoroughly smart all-rounder. The paver’s short overall length and the new “Pivot Steer” function make it particularly easy to manœuvre and therefore ideal for numerous applications.

The SUPER 1603-3i is unbelievably agile. Tedious moving back and forth is a thing of the past, even in confined conditions, thanks to its very small outside turning radius of just 3.5m. Greater manoeuvrability also means greater productivity and efficiency. And it goes without saying that the wheeled paver SUPER 1603-3i is equipped with all the same new “Dash 3” features as the tracked paver SUPER 1600-3i.

Separate Hydraulic Drives in Both Rear Wheels

Ad 8) Maximum power transmission

Thanks to its separate hydraulic drives in the two rear wheels, the new SUPER 1603-3i can really work up some speed. Its perfectly coordinated drive concept not only permits high pave speeds and rapid repositioning on the job site, but also allows the paver to travel at speeds of up to 20km/h on public roads. Electronic traction management guarantees optimum tractive effort and protects the engine against overload. Constant ground contact is assured by the statically determined 3-point suspension of the front wheels.

6 x 2 , 6 x 4 and New: 6 x 6 All-Wheel Drive

Ad 9) Three drive versions

Thanks to its high tractive power, the paver moves quickly not only when paving, but also when travelling under its own power. When it comes to power transmission, the SUPER 1603-3i offers three varieties: Drive version 6 x 2 with separate hydraulic drives in the two rear wheels. Drive version 6 x 4 with two additionally driven front wheels.

And drive version 6 x 6 with all-wheel drive for maximum traction and directional stability, particularly on tough terrain. Electronic traction management protects the drive system against overload. And the statically determined 3-point suspension of the front wheels guarantees constant ground contact in all situations.

“Pivot Steer”

Ad 10) Turning radius of just 3.5m

A small turning radius is the last thing anyone would expect of a wheeled paver. Not so with the wheeled SUPER 1603-3i. Its innovative “Pivot Steer” function reduces the torque of the rear inside wheel and hence minimizes the outside turning radius to no more than 3.5m. The function can be activated in repositioning mode, regardless of whether the paver is advancing or reversing. That saves a great deal of time when manoeuvring the machine. For comparison: without “Pivot Steer”, the wheeled SUPER 1603-3i would have an outside turning radius of 6.5m.

SUPER 1603-3i – Highlights

  • Maximum pave width: 7m
  • Maximum laydown rate 600t/h
  • Transport width 2.55m
  • Cummins diesel engine with a rated output of 116kW / 2,000rpm
  • “VÖGELE EcoPlus” low-emissions package significantly reduces fuel consumption and noise levels.
  • “AutoSet Plus” functions for quick and safe repositioning on site and for saving own paving programmes.
  • “PaveDock Assistant” improves process reliability during transfer of the mix.
  • ErgoPlus 3 with numerous additional ergonomic and functional advantages.