Cutting-Edge Drive Technology for Perfect
Laydown Rates

Every “dash 3” paver is driven by a modern, powerful, and totally reliable diesel engine. It ensures that the pavers apply their laydown rate to the road at exactly the defined pave speed.

Since different emissions control standards apply around the world, the “dash 3” pavers are also available as a “dash 3i” version. The suffix “i” stands for “intelligent emission control” and is found in the type names of all WIRTGEN GROUP machines which are equipped with special ultramodern engines. These engines comply with the strict emission standards governing mobile machines in EU and EFTA countries, the USA, Canada and Japan. For all other countries, the “dash 3” pavers are supplied with a modern diesel engine complying with the European exhaust emissions standard 3a and the US standard EPA Tier 3.

Further advantages at a glance

  • Powerful and economical 4 and 6-cylinder diesel engines built by Deutz and Cummins permit worldwide operation.
  • Both the “dash 3” and the “dash 3i” engines include an ECO mode significantly reducing the nominal speed. This economy mode tangibly cuts operating costs and noise levels. The power output in ECO mode is perfectly adequate for the majority of paving applications. This guarantees full engine performance at all times and also prolongs the engine’s service life.
  • A large cooler assembly and innovative air routing ensure perfect cooling of the engine coolant, hydraulic oil and charge air in every climate zone throughout the world. Full performance and durability of the diesel engine are consequently assured.
  • A particularly low-noise, oil-cooled generator with direct drive ensures rapid, uniform heating of the screed. In the “dash 3” generation, the generator is directly driven by the splitter gearbox and therefore maintenance-free.
  • The crawler tracks have also been improved and their geometry optimized. Three track carrier rollers and an additional track roller ensure perfect ground contact with little slack. The effect on traction and noise levels is remarkable: the paver’s tractive effort is increased while at the same time it is considerably quieter.

The crawler unit can be fitted with a hydraulically raised deflector in front of the crawler tracks. More about this “AutoSet Plus” comfort function.