"Pivot Steer" – The Steering Brake

New function for a small turning radius.

The new “Pivot Steer” feature which is installed as standard makes the wheeled SUPER pavers of the “Dash 3” generation almost as manœuvrable as their tracked counterparts: with a minimum inside radius, the machines can turn almost on the spot – an enormous advantage, particularly on confined job sites, for instance in urban areas.

“Pivot Steer” reduces the torque of the rear inside wheel. The function is active in Job Site mode, both when advancing and when reversing.

Turning Radii of the Wheeled Pavers

Paver type Turning radius without "Pivot Steer" Turning radius with "Pivot Steer"
SUPER 1003(i) 5.0m 3.8m
SUPER 1303-3(i) 5.0m 3.8m
SUPER 1603-3(i) 6.5m 3.5m
SUPER 1803-3(i) 6.5m 3.5m