The SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet

SprayJet technology from VÖGELE has proved its value for many years and is used for pavement rehabilitation and construction in markets around the world. The new VÖGELE SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet features several impressive innovations:

  • "Dash 3" features.
  • Emulsion can be replenished from both sides for flexible on-site refilling.
  • Emulsion tank with 5% additional capacity (2,100 litres).
  • Separate tank for automatic cleaning and subsequent preservation.
  • Function monitoring of the front spray bar for the spray nozzles which are hidden from view.
  • Improved direct access for servicing.
  • SprayJet control in ErgoPlus 3 User Interface Design.
  • Compressed air system integrated into the spray module.
  • Process safety is enhanced by automated sequences for preparation, spraying and maintenance.

Unique Spray Paver Worldwide

The SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet is ideal for a whole variety of applications, regardless of whether it is used as a classic paver or as a spray paver for paving thin overlay on a spray seal or tack coat, hot-on-hot.

  • Modular machine concept.
  • Can be used as spray paver and as a conventional paver.
  • Can be used for paving thin overlay on a spray seal or tack coat, hot-on-hot.
  • Can be used for paving conventional surface and binder courses.

The SprayJet Module

  • Insulation and the integrated electric heating system (2 x 7kW) keep the emulsion at the temperature required for spraying.
  • Capacity of the emulsion tank: 2,100 litres.
  • Compressed air system integrated into the module.
  • Easy access to all the main service points.
  • Supplementary gas heating for bitumen emulsion that is delivered cold.
  • Heated pump circulates and homogenizes the bitumen emulsion in the tank.
  • All circuits are switched automatically via electronically controlled ball valves.
  • Additional filler port on the left-hand side for flexible replenishment of emulsion from either side.

Clean and Safe Spraying Process

The SprayJet module permits precise adjustment of the rate of spread from very small to large quantities.

  • Five spray bars with a total of 24 nozzles.
  • Spray bar arrangement ensures full coverage of the existing surface with emulsion.
  • Rate of spread can be precisely controlled from 0.3 to 1.6kg/m².
  • SprayJet nozzles spray the emulsion intermittently, not continuously.
  • Uniform emulsion film covering the entire area.
  • Emulsion is applied at a low spraying pressure of no more than 3 bar.

Two different types of spray nozzle are available for the spray bars of the SprayJet module: size 10 nozzles and size 16 nozzles, the size 10 nozzles being the standard nozzles.

Size 10 nozzles Size 16 nozzles
Spraying pressure 3 bar 3 bar
Rate of spread 0.3 – 0.8kg/m² 0.8 – 1.6kg/m²
Length of sprayed patch
in direction of travel
35mm 35mm

"Dash 3" Features

"AutoSet Plus"
"AutoSet Plus" incorporates two handy automatic functions: the "Repositioning and Transport" function makes it easier to change between work sections on the job site. The paver is automatically set to transport mode at the push of a button and the current settings saved. Current paver and screed settings are saved with the "Paving Programs" function and can be retrieved when required at a later date, for instance on job sites with comparable conditions.

"PaveDock Assistant"
"PaveDock Assistant" is the communication unit between the paver operator and the driver of the feed vehicle. It allows particularly fast and reliable transfer of mix to the paver. Signal lights on the paver and the associated controls on the paver operator's ErgoPlus 3 console are key components of the "PaveDock Assistant".

"VÖGELE EcoPlus"
The innovative "VÖGELE EcoPlus" low-emissions package includes a number of features for reducing both noise levels and fuel consumption. Fuel costs are reduced by around 25% through the combination of an energy-optimized tamper drive, variable-speed fan, controlled hydraulic oil temperature circuit and splitter gearbox with the ability to disengage hydraulic pumps.

"Dash 3" Service Concept

  • A wide engine hood and large hinged panels give convenient access to all service points on the machine.
  • All hydraulic pumps are located on the splitter gearbox and provide maximum service-friendliness thanks to their clear arrangement and easy accessibility.
  • Centralized lubrication system automatically supplies the bearings of conveyors and augers with the required amounts of grease.
  • Sturdy, durable components of highly wear-resistant materials minimize downtimes.
  • Rapid, direct access to service points even with the SprayJet module installed on the machine.
  • A standardized service concept for all VÖGELE pavers simplifies maintenance and cuts expenditure on training.

New Screed Technology AB 500 and AB 600

Newly developed side plates
All settings can be made safely and conveniently from the walkway thanks to the highly ergonomic and hydraulically adjustable side plates. The operator can easily adjust the height of the mechanical side plates.

Excellent floating and paving properties
The optimized geometry of the tamper bar and screed plates allows an even flatter screed planing angle, which improves the floating properties of the screed. The result is outstanding compaction with improved pavement evenness.

Highly efficient screed heating
Powerful new generators increase heating capacity. The increased heating dynamics result in even faster and more uniform screed warm-up.

Safe and convenient footstep
The centrally positioned screed footstep permits quick access to the operator's platform. A particularly wide, vibration-damped walkway allows safe and convenient operation.

Hydraulic crown adjustment
Hydraulic adjustment of the crown is a standard feature of the AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds. This is done quickly and precisely via push-buttons on the screed operator's consoles. The crown value is displayed on the consoles' displays.

Ergonomic screed console
The high-contrast colour display guarantees optimum visibility from all angles and provides brilliant readability of all information. The "SmartWheel" has two speeds for precise screed width control.

Advantages of SprayJet Technology

What are the advantages when paving thin overlays on a spray seal or tack coat, hot-on-hot?

  • Low-cost asphalt paving process for rehabilitating and replacing surface courses.
  • Suitable for all traffic areas.
  • Layer thickness is normally no more than 1.2 to 2cm.
  • No costly roadway edgings or fittings required.
  • Pave speed is three to five times higher than with conventional asphalt paving.
  • Bitumen emulsion is sprayed and the asphalt paved in a single pass.
  • This makes it impossible for job site vehicles to drive over the binder and damage it.