Spray Paver – Latest Stage of Development

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Paving thin asphalt overlay hot on spray seal (DSH-V) has already become standard practice in many markets. The reason is that it is a low-cost paving method for rehabilitation and renewal of asphalt surface courses. It saves expensive surface course material and there is no need for costly adaptation of curbs or the installation of new curbs.

The thickness of the thin overlay differs from one country to another. A layer thickness of between 1.5 and 2cm is used in Germany, for example. SprayJet technology from VÖGELE has set standards in this field. With the SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet, VÖGELE now present the latest generation of spray pavers. This fascinating machine has once again raised the bar with a whole series of pioneering innovations. But the SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet has another very special advantage up its sleeve: it can be used both as a spray paver and as a standard paver.

Highlights of the new SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet

The new SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet comes with a host of impressive innovations, particularly as regards the SprayJet module, the spray technology and the operating concept for paver and spray module. As a special bonus, the spray module can be dismounted and refitted in a relatively short space of time. This allows the SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet to be used in many different applications: as a spray paver for thin asphalt overlay or conventional paving with pre-spraying of emulsion, and as a standard paver without spray function for normal paving. The SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet comes with a maximum spray width of 6m. When used as a standard paver without spray function it can even handle pave widths of up to 9m.

The spray technology

The VÖGELE SUPER 1800-3i with SprayJet module has five spray bars with a total of 24 high-quality spray nozzles. Installed 250mm apart and at a spraying angle of 120°, they ensure an unbroken film of emulsion, even when the spray width changes during the work.

The front spray bar has six spray nozzles and is located between the machine’s crawler tracks right behind the push-rollers. One movable spray bar with seven nozzles each is located on the right and left. A short spray bar with two nozzles is located behind each crawler track. Depending on the type of emulsion and nozzle size, the rate of spread can be varied between 0.3 and 1.6kg/m². All the paver operator has to do is set the required quantity before spraying starts.

Different nozzle sizes with different throughputs are available for the rates of spread required: size 10 nozzles for a rate of spread from 0.3 to 0.8kg/m² and size 16 nozzles for a rate of spread from 0.8 to 1.6kg/m². The size 10 nozzles are standard, while the size 16 nozzles have a throughput of around 160% in relation to the standard nozzles.

Pulsed operation for maximum precision

The nozzles on the VÖGELE SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet operate in pulsed mode instead of continuously. The spray pulses are automatically controlled as a function of the set quantity of emulsion, the pave width and speed. This produces an absolutely uniform film of emulsion which covers the entire surface without overlaps. A further advantage is that pulsed operation reduces the formation of spray mist to the absolute minimum. This is due firstly to the very low spray pressure and secondly to the large droplets used. As a result, the paver can work precisely and cleanly along curbs and walls. It also improves occupational safety, as the potential health hazard caused by emulsion vapours is reduced significantly.

The VÖGELE SprayJet module

Heated emulsion tank optimizes the spraying temperature

The insulated emulsion tank has an integrated electric heating system rated at 2 x 7kW. It ensures that the emulsion in the tank is constantly maintained at the ideal temperature for spraying. A heated emulsion pump circulates the bitumen emulsion in the tank, thus homogenizing it. Optimum temperature and a homogeneous emulsion are vital requirements for precise application at the very low spray pressure of no more than 3 bar. The formation of spray mist is effectively minimized as a result.

Longer range due to larger emulsion tank

The new emulsion tank has a capacity of 2,100 litres – 5% more than the previous model. This naturally also increases the range by a full 5%.

Additional filler port on the emulsion tank increases flexibility

The new emulsion tank has a filler port on both the right and the left-hand side. This means that the spray paver can be replenished from either side without interrupting the work, in accordance with the conditions prevailing on site. Non-stop paving is assured.

Integrated compressed air system

The spray nozzles open and close pneumatically. To this end, the entire compressed air system – compressor and air tank – is integrated into the emulsion tank module. As a result, the module can be dismantled more easily and more quickly, complete with the compressed air system. This would be the case, for instance, when converting the SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet for use without spray function.

Quick and simple maintenance

Exceedingly robust and durable components of wear-resistant materials fundamentally increase the availability of both the machine and the spray module. In addition, VÖGELE’s uniform service concept simplifies maintenance and saves not only working time, but also training costs. Particularly on the SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet, the wide engine hood and large service panels ensure easy access to all points needed for servicing and maintenance. What’s more, all maintenance work can be carried out with the spray module in place.

Use as a standard paver

Even with the spray module fitted, the new SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet can be used as a standard paver for pave widths of up to 9m. Only the spray bars at the sides need be removed. Removal of the spray module is recommended, however, if the spray function is not required for a longer period of time. This makes the paver lighter and saves fuel. Besides which, the driver’s seat and ErgoPlus operating console can then be positioned on either side of the operator platform.

ErgoPlus 3 control panel for the SprayJet module

A great deal more must be taken into account when working with spray pavers than when simply paving asphalt. After all, spray pavers don’t “just” lay asphalt – they also apply the tack coat consisting of bitumen emulsion. Operation of the new VÖGELE spray paver is exceedingly simple so that the operator can concentrate on the essentials – namely the paving and the job site. The SprayJet module is operated entirely via the module’s touch screen and its design, symbols and principle of operation are consistently based on the ErgoPlus 3 operating concept. It is mounted directly on the module, within easy reach of the paver operator, and offers a multitude of convenient automatic functions which cater to practical needs. For the operator, they simplify preparation of the spray module, the spraying process itself and maintenance of the spray module. All the settings required for replenishing, circulating and heating the emulsion can be entered and monitored directly via the touch screen.

Process safety due to automated work flows

On the new SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet, the circuits for spraying and circulating the emulsion, as well as for cleaning the lines are switched automatically via electronically controlled ball valves. This makes operation of the individual functions very much simpler. It prevents operator errors, such as those associated with manual systems.

Work sequences are set automatically in accordance with the function that has been selected and activated. For example, the control unit for the SprayJet module calculates the maximum pave speed as a function of the nozzle size used and the selected rate of spread, and displays this value on the paver operator’s ErgoPlus 3 console. This ensures uninterrupted application of the emulsion. The rate of spread can be set and the nozzles calibrated or individually activated and deactivated just as easily on the control panel of the module.

In addition, the handy automatic functions “Start of Job” and “End of Job” are activated by the paver operator at the push of a button. This ensures that spraying begins and ends at exactly the desired point over the full pave width.

Monitoring of the front spray bar

VÖGELE have also come up with a smart solution for the front spray bar: its function is monitored electronically, as it is not within the paver operator’s range of vision.

More thorough automatic cleaning

Lines and valves are cleaned automatically at the push of a button. The automatic function prevents operator errors and ensures thorough cleaning – the key to maintaining the spray paver’s availability and long-term value. Only a few settings are needed to start the cleaning program. Up to three cleaning cycles can be set, depending on the degree of fouling. It is also possible to clean only a few selected circuits. A preservative can be added to prevent emulsion sticking to the lines. The remaining time is counted down when the cleaning process has started. This convenient and thorough cleaning process also saves cleaning fluid, which is stored in a separate on-board tank.

Everything under control: The touch screen

“Spray” menu

The entire spraying process is monitored here. The operator can check all settings and values at a glance, such as spray nozzle activity (active / inactive / switched off) and spray pressure.

“Nozzle set-up” menu

The installed nozzle size is entered via this menu and nozzles can be tested and the rate of spread checked here.

“Cleaning” menu

The number of cleaning cycles is shown here as a function of the degree of fouling. The circuits to be cleaned can be actuated individually. Once started, the cleaning process runs entirely automatically.

The “Dash 3” features

“3” is the magic number! These innovative, eco-friendly and economical asphalt pavers in VÖGELE’s “Dash 3” generation owe their excellence to user-friendly cutting-edge technology. All “Dash 3” features, including those installed in the new SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet, consistently aim to improve control of the machine and the paving process, as well as to make the paver more eco-friendly.

A number of handy and useful features have been added to the tried-and-tested ErgoPlus operating system. Such as the new colour display with high-contrast surface for excellent legibility in all lighting conditions. The innovative “VÖGELE EcoPlus” low-emissions package includes a number of features for reducing both noise levels and fuel consumption. “PaveDock Assistant” guarantees that the mix is transferred from the lorry to the paver promptly and reliably. High-visibility signal lights on the paver’s hardtop make it easier for the paver operator to communicate with the lorry driver. The new “AutoSet Plus” incorporates two handy automatic functions. One is the “repositioning and transport” function which makes it easier to relocate from one part of the job site to another. The paver is automatically set to transport mode at the push of a button and the current settings saved. The other function, “paving programs”, stores specific paver and screed settings which can then be retrieved when required at a later date, for instance on job sites with comparable conditions.

The new screed console with “SmartWheel” is a milestone in ergonomic design. It permits the pave width to be adjusted with absolute precision and at two speeds during the paving process.

Extending screeds for perfect pavement quality

The AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds are available for the SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet. Both can achieve spray widths up to 6m. The AB 600 comes with a basic width of 3m and extends hydraulically up to 6m. The maximum pave width of the AB 500 can be built up by 75cm-bolt-on extensions for 6m jobs. The screed’s maximum width is limited electronically to 6m. When used on a standard paver without spray function, the AB 600 has a maximum pave width of 9m.

Both screeds are available in TV version (with tamper and vibrators) or in high-compaction TP1 version (with tamper and 1 pressure bar). Like all VÖGELE screeds, the two extending screeds AB 500 and AB 600 are equipped with highly effective electric heating. Screed and emulsion tank are heated separately, so that the emulsion can be heated without having to heat the screed.