SUPER Width. SUPER Powers. SUPER 3000-2.

New SUPER 3000-2 and new SB 300-2 Fixed-Width Screed from VÖGELE celebrate their debut.

Right on time for bauma 2010 in Munich, Germany, VÖGELE are presenting their new flagship SUPER 3000-2. The successor to SUPER 2500 sets new standards in the class of large pavers. And the new member of the “dash 2” paver generation is unparalleled when it comes to performance, user friendliness and efficiency.

Large-scale projects that have to be completed in the shortest possible time require machine technology that delivers maximum performance. VÖGELE developed the SUPER 3000-2 precisely for such applications. The new paver of the advanced “dash 2” generation can handle pave widths up to 16m and achieves a maximum laydown rate of 1,600 tonnes/h. These values make the large machine the top performer in the VÖGELE fleet of pavers.

High laydown rates

The SUPER 3000-2 is in its element on a wide array of job sites. Its extremely wide range of paving applications covers everything from construction and rehabilitation of motorways, highways and trunk roads, all the way to airport runways. And it's just such applications its performance values were designed for: the paver achieves an impressive pave speed of 24m per minute and places layers up to 50cm thick, regardless of whether bituminous mix, water-bound material or mineral aggregate is being laid.

Designed for large-scale job sites: material feed and material handling

It was of paramount importance to the VÖGELE engineers that the maximum possible laydown rate of 1,600 tonnes/h should be far more than just a theoretical value. That is why all systems for material handling have been amply dimensioned. This begins with the material hopper holding 17.5 tonnes. New dimensions have also been achieved with the conveyor tunnel 162cm wide and 40cm high, ensuring a high material throughput. In combination with conveyors, for which separate drives are provided, and a high-performance auger system, SUPER 3000-2 is capable of transferring large quantities of mix in front of the screed in the shortest possible time. Thus, a sufficient head of mix is always guaranteed even when paving at the maximum width of 16m.

Separate drive and electronic control provided for each crawler track

Crucial for a paver is its high tractive effort when it comes to paving across large widths or placing thick layers. In the SUPER 3000-2, separate drive and electronic control is installed for each crawler track, allowing positive tracking when moving straight and accurate turning of radii. This provides for maximum tractive power in every paving situation.

Heavy-duty kit makes the SUPER 3000-2 a tough customer

The new large VÖGELE paver is extremely robust even in its standard version. Those components coming into touch with the mix are made of highly resistant steel. And the bottom plates and return pulleys of the conveyors feature a particularly wear-resistant design. Especially for paving jobs that involve large quantities of non-bituminous mix, such as sub-base and base course construction, VÖGELE offer a heavy-duty kit. Part of this kit are reinforced guards for the conveyor tunnel and the chassis, as well as modified auger blades, to withstand high abrasive wear.

Auger height adjustable across the entire pave width

The augers, too, are dimensioned for performance at highest level. Auger blades measuring 480mm in diameter ensure an optimal head of mix in front of the screed, even when large quantities are being laid. An extremely practical feature is the possibility of hydraulic auger height adjustment by up to 20cm while paving, complete with bearings and limiting plates for the auger tunnel. This is carried out across the entire pave width, allowing fast and accurate adaptation of the auger system to varying layer thickness. This also means that the SUPER 3000-2 can be moved on the job site without the need for time-consuming and costly modification. SUPER 3000-2 comes as standard with the system for hydraulic auger height adjustment.

Easy and convenient: the ErgoPlus® operating system

Just like the other “dash 2” generation pavers from VÖGELE, the SUPER 3000-2 is equipped with the popular and user-friendly ErgoPlus® operating system. The core of ErgoPlus® is made up of the operating consoles for the paver and screed operators. The consoles’ clearly structured design allows operators to learn and access all machine functions quickly and intuitively and use them reliably in every situation. Four different operating modes for the paver are available at the touch of a button on the operator's console: “Neutral”, “Job Site Mode”, “Positioning Mode” and “Pave Mode”. A very useful “Memory” feature is installed: when exiting "Pave Mode”, this feature stores last settings and these are retrieved automatically after the paver’s move on the job site.

Everything in view at all times

Yet ErgoPlus® offers more: it also provides the operator a perfect overview of all vital processes, such as mix supply as well as conveyance and spreading of mix in front of the screed. The rear wall of the SUPER 3000-2’s tractor unit is slanted so that the operator has an unobstructed view of the auger tunnel. As to the operator’s stand, it’s very spacious, integrating plenty of stowage room and giving convenient access to all service points. The two operator’s seats can be swung out beyond the edge of the paver and the operator’s console swivels out together with the seats. This provides for a safe and ergonomically optimized workplace. The SUPER 3000-2 comes as standard with a modern hardtop of glass fibre reinforced polymer material with extending sunshades.

NIVELTRONIC Plus®, the System for Automated Grade and Slope Control, also for SUPER 3000-2

VÖGELE is the only manufacturer to offer its own system for grade and slope control: NIVELTRONIC Plus®. The advantage is that machine technology of the SUPER 3000-2is perfectly adapted to this grade and slope control system. NIVELTRONIC Plus® is operated from the ErgoPlus® consoles.

Powerful engine, economical and low-noise operation

An extremely powerful 6-cylinder DEUTZ engine installed in the SUPER 3000-2 delivers ample power in every paving situation. The maximum engine output is 300kW at 1,800 rpm. Needless to say that the engine complies with exhaust emissions standards COM 3a and US-Tier 3. Compared to other large pavers in its class, the VÖGELE newcomer features a very low fuel consumption amounting to no more than 217g/kWh. Despite its impressive power, the paver’s noise levels are low. In view of the high performance values, it operates very quietly. Like all “dash 2” pavers, the new model can be operated in the economical ECO Mode. ECO Mode decreases the engine output to 292kW at 1,500 rpm and further reduces both fuel consumption and noise emissions. The paver’s fuel tank holding 600 litres is large enough to see it through long working days without refuelling.

The generator is flanged directly to the splitter gearbox, which provides for a maintenance-free drive

Apart from the engine, the transfer splitter for hydraulic pumps also plays an important role in pavers of this class. This is why the transfer splitter of the SUPER 3000-2 is designed for high performance. The module reliably provides all hydraulic systems with exactly the power needed for the job in hand. The three-phase A.C. generator is directly flanged to the transfer splitter, which provides for a maintenance-free drive. The high generator output also guarantees rapid and efficient supply of electric power to the screed heating system for all pave widths.

Cooling system designed for use in all climate zones

It goes without saying that with a paver in this performance class, the cooling system must also be up to scratch. The SUPER pavers traditionally are equipped with efficient, low-noise cooling systems. SUPER 3000-2 comes with a cooler assembly for engine coolant, charge air and hydraulic oil, making it WAT-compliant and allowing it to be used without problems in all climate zones worldwide.

Also on board: the time-saving service concept

Another great advantage of this machine is its well-thought-out service concept. Thanks to this concept, all maintenance services can be wrapped up in next to no time. Downtime, too, is reduced to a minimum. Part of the concept are large panels giving convenient access to all vital service points. Service indicators and measuring ports behind these panels facilitate the diagnosis. The location of the hydraulic pumps, too, was selected with maximum service-friendliness in mind. They are attached to the transfer gearbox, clearly arranged and easily accessible. All bearings exposed to the high temperatures of the mix are automatically supplied with the required amount of grease through a centralized lubrication system.

SUPER 3000-2: Facts and Figures

Maximum pave width: 16m
Maximum layer thickness: 50cm
Maximum laydown rate: 1,600 tonnes/h
Material hopper: 17.5 tonnes
Transport width: 3m
Maximum pave speed: 24m/min.
Maximum travel speed: 4.5km/h

Powerful 6-cylinder DEUTZ engine
(300kW at 1,800 rpm), with ECO Mode

ErgoPlus® operating system

Hardtop of glass fibre reinforced polymer material

Screed Options
SB 300-2:
basic width 3m
maximum width (TV) 16m

AB 600-2:
basic width 3m
hydraulically extending to 6m
maximum width 9.5m (TV/TP1/TP2)

Compacting Systems:
TV, TP1, TP2, TP2 Plus (AB 600-2), TVP2 (SB 300-2)

Power Unit

Powerful engine rated at 300kW, with ECO Mode.

Material Storage and Material Handling

Material hopper holding 17.5 tonnes, conveyors with separate hydraulic drives and high-performance auger system.


Easy transport of the large paver on regular low-bed trailer.

Laydown Rate

Maximum pave width 16m, laydown rate up to 1,600 tonnes/h.

ErgoPlus® Operating System

Easy-to-use consoles for paver and screed operators, as well as seats swinging out, provide for comfortable working.

Splitter Gearbox

All hydraulic systems are reliably supplied with exactly the power needed for the job.

Heavy‑Duty Kit

Reinforced guards for the conveyor tunnel and the chassis, as well as modified auger blades, to withstand high abrasive wear.

New for the SUPER 3000-2: SB 300-2 Fixed-Width Screed Handling Pave Width of 16m

VÖGELE have developed a new Fixed-Width Screed to match the wide range of paving applications and the high performance of the SUPER 3000-2. The SB 300-2 screed is capable of handling pave widths up to 16m. From a basic width of 3m, the screed builds up with bolt-on extensions of 0.25m, 0.5m, 1m and 1.5m to its maximum width.

Hydraulic extensions also for Fixed-Width Screeds

The benefits of the VÖGELE Extending Screed Technology can also be used for a fixed-width screed thanks to 75cm hydraulic extensions (HE). With the extensions mounted on the left and right sides, the pave width is infinitely variable within a range of 1.5m. The new SB 300-2 Fixed-Width Screed and all bolt-on extensions are available in four versions as far as equipment with compacting systems is concerned: with tamper and vibrators (TV), with 1 or 2 pressure bars (TP1 and TP2) and with tamper, vibrators and 2 pressure bars (TVP2).

Combines also with the AB 600-2 Extending Screed

If variability is a key requirement, SUPER 3000-2 can also be combined with the well-proven VÖGELE AB 600-2 Extending Screed. This screed handles a maximum pave width of 9.5m. AB 600-2is available in the versions TV, TP1 and TP2, as well as TP2 Plus.