Extremely Compact, Highly Manœuvrable,
SUPER 1600-3i

Nothing short of excellent. Just 5.68m long, the new
SUPER 1600-3i is highly acclaimed.

The “Dash 3” generation has grown. The new SUPER 1600-3i paver from VÖGELE is packed with innovations – among other things, it is a whole 28cm shorter and more powerful than its predecessor. As a result, the compact paver slots perfectly into the gap between the Compact Class and the Universal Class. The following pages describe the innovative “Dash 3” features which enable this powerful all-rounder to handle even very complex and confined job sites reliably and efficiently.

“Stop getting better and you stop being good” has long been the maxim of development engineers at VÖGELE. VÖGELE have done a lot of tweaking on the new “Dash 3” generation: such new features as “VÖGELE EcoPlus”, “AutoSet Plus”, “PaveDock Assistant” and “PaveDock”, as well as ErgoPlus 3 raise the bar in terms of safety, ease of operation and energy efficiency. In the course of VÖGELE’s innovation drive, revolutionary improvements in operating convenience and process safety have also been introduced in the Universal Class pavers. Highlights of the new SUPER 1600-3i at a glance:

The Most Compact Tracked Paver in the Universal Class

Ad 1) Super for all confined job sites

In transport position, the tractor unit and screed of the new SUPER 1600-3i measure just 5.68m, making it 28cm shorter than its predecessor and consequently more manoeuvrable and versatile. With a pave width of 6.5m, the compact machine can easily handle all kinds of paving jobs within its range of applications. Should a pave width of 7.5m be required for special roadworks, then extra equipment can be made available upon request. In the new SUPER 1600-3i a 116kW Cummins diesel engine of the latest generation is installed, making it 16kW or 16% more powerful than the SUPER 1600-2. Shorter, more compact and more powerful – this all adds up to a much more manoeuvrable paver. Crawler tracks with powerful separate drives integrated into the sprockets combine with an extremely compact design to ensure outstanding manoeuvrability. As a result, the new SUPER 1600-3i performs outstandingly on all confined job sites. And wherever excellent manoeuvrability is expected, such as on roundabouts, when negotiating obstacles and in bends. This makes the compact paver simply unbeatable, especially on urban job sites. However, it also ensures rapid progress on regional roads, too. The 116kW engine delivers sufficient power to allow the SUPER 1600-3i to effortlessly push a feed lorry even at maximum pave width.

Shortness is also a boon in terms of logistics. Thanks to its compact size, the SUPER 1600-3i can be transported easily, economically and without requiring undue space.

“VÖGELE EcoPlus”

Ad 2) More eco-friendly and cost-efficient

“Less means more” is the motto behind the machine concept of the SUPER 1600-3i. To this end, several complementary features have been integrated into the “VÖGELE EcoPlus” low-emissions package. These are, specifically, the splitter gearbox, the variable-speed fan and the controlled hydraulic oil temperature circuit.

The splitter gearbox

When the paver is stationary for a while, e.g. while waiting, all hydraulic pumps for “traction”, “conveyors and augers” as well as “compacting systems” are automatically disengaged. Fuel consumption is reduced as a result. And reducing drag also makes it significantly easier to start the paver at low outside temperatures.

The variable-speed fan

Its speed automatically adapts to the engine load and ambient temperature. The fan is driven via a viscous coupling. In contrast to a hydraulic drive, this new type of fan drive stands out through its considerably greater energy efficiency. It also makes the engine very much quieter.

The controlled hydraulic oil temperature circuit

A bypass circuit allows the hydraulic oil to reach its optimum operating temperature much more quickly. This permits rapid, fuel-saving operation of the SUPER 1600-3i. The oil is only diverted through the cooler assembly via the bypass circuit when it rises above the optimum temperature level of 50 – 70 °C.

“AutoSet Plus”

Ad 3) Two new automatic functions: repositioning and transport function as well as paving programmes

The automatic repositioning and transport function makes it easier to resume operation after changing from one job section to another or after transporting the SUPER 1600-3i. The paver is moved to transport position at the push of a button. After repositioning on the job site, another push of the button is all that is needed to retrieve the previously saved working position.

The other automatic function is dubbed “paving programmes”. This function allows the operator to save certain site parameters, such as layer thickness, pave width, material used and paver settings from the momentary paving process as a paving programme. These parameters can subsequently be retrieved and reused whenever they are needed. For instance, when working on a job site with the same or similar conditions.

“PaveDock Assistant” and “PaveDock”

Ad 4) Optimum communication between paver operator and lorry driver

A constant supply of mix is essential for producing a level, high-quality pavement. For this purpose, VÖGELE have developed “PaveDock Assistant” to facilitate communication between the paver operator and the driver of the feed vehicle, as well as to ensure that mix is delivered to the paver safely and without jolts. Two sets of lights are mounted on the right and left-hand sides of the paver hardtop. With these lights, the paver operator can indicate to the driver of the feed vehicle exactly what needs to be done, e.g. reverse, stop or dump mix. The corresponding signals are set at the push of a button via the ErgoPlus 3 operating console.

Jolt-free feeding: “PaveDock”

VÖGELE supply the sprung “PaveDock” push-rollers as a supplement to the “PaveDock Assistant”. This system efficiently absorbs impacts when the feed vehicle docks onto the paver. A sensor installed in the sprung push-rollers indicates whenever a feed vehicle has docked. The Stop signal then lights up automatically on the set of “PaveDock Assistant” lights.

ErgoPlus 3 Operating Concept

Ad 5) An added plus in terms of operation

The user-friendly ErgoPlus operating system which has already proved its practical value on job sites the world over has been enhanced by VÖGELE with useful supplementary features for the new “Dash 3” generation. A redesigned high-contrast colour display ensures brilliant readability even in difficult lighting. All symbols are easy to understand and allow operators to work intuitively.

What’s more, the driver’s seat and the paver operator’s console, as well as the screed consoles can now be adjusted even more easily to the operators’ needs. Side panelling affords protection from the wind and rain.

116kW Cummins Diesel Engine

Ad 6) Powerful traction drive

A modern liquid-cooled Cummins engine with a rated output of 116kW ensures that the SUPER 1600-3i also performs perfectly when building roads at precisely the defined pave speed.

The suffix “i” stands for “intelligent emission control” and designates all WIRTGEN GROUP machines which are fitted with engines meeting the stringent exhaust standards of the EU/EFTA countries, the US, Canada and Japan. When set to Eco mode, the paver still delivers 106kW, which is more than enough for most applications. Eco mode additionally reduces both operating costs and noise levels of the “Dash 3” paver – much to the delight of every paving team.

AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds

Ad 7) Maximum precision on all job sites

The two extending screeds AB 500 for pave widths from 2.55 to 5m and AB 600 for pave widths from 3 to 6m are ideal for jobs that call for variability. Bolt-on extensions allow the pave width of both extending screeds to be increased to 7.5m or more. The new VÖGELE screeds are hence perfect when teamed with the multi-purpose SUPER 1600-3i.

Perfect pavement quality is assured, among other things, by hydraulic crown control, electric screed heating, hydraulically height-adjustable side plates and an exceedingly sturdy, high-precision single-tube telescoping system with which the pave width can be adjusted quickly and with millimetre accuracy. In addition, the optimized tamper geometry and vibrators of the AB 500 and AB 600 ensure excellent compaction, as both systems are installed over the full width of the screeds. Ergonomics and ease of operation are further enhanced by two additional innovations: one is the wide and safely accessible walkway, the other the new screed console with colour display and “SmartWheel”.

The new screed console

For the “Dash 3” generation, VÖGELE have equipped the screed console with a number of technical innovations to make everyday work easier. The high-contrast colour display is extremely easy to read from any angle. Even in dusk or darkness, full control is assured by the special “night design” with backlit buttons. The “SmartWheel” for pave width control with absolute precision is a completely new feature. On the SUPER 1600-3i, two speeds are available to extend and retract the screed at low or high speed simply by turning the “SmartWheel”.