VÖGELE Make the Night Shine Brightly

Lighting for night-time job sites.

An increasing number of construction projects are being carried out at night. VÖGELE’s light balloons provide optimum working light in the dark with almost no shadow.

A growing number of road construction projects are being conducted at night in order to minimize nuisance to traffic. After all, blocked lanes cause less chaos at night than during the daytime. But this makes the right lighting of the night-time job site all the more important. The light balloons are the best candidates for this particular job. They can be mounted on all pavers of the 2.5m and 3m classes as well as on both “dash 2” generation feeders. As optional accessories, they make the ideal addition to the halogen lamps permanently installed in the hardtops of the machines.

High-powered “moons”

When switched on, the balloons look almost like moons floating above the machines. But the soft white light performs excellently in practice: each balloon has a power output of as much as 2kW. That equates to around 2.7 h.p., about the same output as a chain saw. This amount of power ensures optimum visibility without impairing the performance of the tractor unit. And that’s not the only advantage: in the close-up range between 0 and 5m of the balloon, the light is even and homogenous. This guarantees ideal lighting conditions, particularly when working with extending screeds. At the same time, the light is scattered in such a way that it hardly casts any shadows and does not dazzle. This is not only important to the quality of the work, but is a major factor in accident prevention.

Simple mounting

Mounting is as simple as can be. The holders for one or two support poles are mounted to the hardtop or guard rail of the machine. The balloons are supplied with electricity by the generator for screed heating. They are simply plugged into the socket after installation. The balloon then quickly inflates and provides strong light for the long hours of the night.

Light Balloon

Diameter 110cm
Weight 8kg
Type of lamp Halogen
Output 2kW
Optimum working height 2.5 – 5m
Average inflation time < 1 min.
Time until full illuminance immediate
Illuminated range (with 25 lx) 1.500m²
Illuminance under balloon (height of 5m) 310 lx
Maximum windspeed 100km/h