Design Visualizes Quality

Product design at VÖGELE is an evolutionary development. The design evolves in step with the development cycle of the machines. During this process, it is important to retain the high recognition factor of the products. Redesigns hence mean reinterpreting the characteristic motifs of the machines without revolutionizing them. "A VÖGELE" must be identifiable as such from afar – and not just by its distinctive colour scheme.

Design language at VÖGELE

A consistent design language pervades VÖGELE's entire product range. Specific examples of this are the machine contours and the sweeping straight line of the hopper sides, visually conveying a sense of dynamic force. Other recurring elements in the latest generation of machines include the lateral ribbing above the cooler, the silhouette and the lines of the hardtop and the side panelling of the operator platform.

Form follows ergonomics

Product design is not an aim unto itself at VÖGELE. Instead, our design development centres on ergonomics. The operator platform has a clear, uncluttered layout. The machine is easy for the driver to handle and the seat and the operator's console can be adjusted and swivelled individually. The hardtop fitted with sunshades offers protection from the wind and rain.

The man/machine interface is a focal element. The machine is operated via ErgoPlus 3 – an intuitive operating concept with language-neutral, easy-to-learn icons and a logically structured user interface on a high-contrast display.

The new screed was also designed with the operator in mind. The complexity of the screed has been reduced in the overall design. The screed is now equipped with the walkway and additional steps, a much more ergonomic and inviting mode of access.

The emotive power of design

VÖGELE machines look both powerful and dynamic. This is achieved by downplaying the purely mechanical character and consciously creating a clear design language featuring defined elements. The visualization of quality and progress is an elementary aspect. The machine is designed to arouse pride in the owner, to appeal to the emotions while fulfilling a pledge of quality.

One clear statement defines VÖGELE machines: "Design Visualizes Quality"

Design awards for VÖGELE

Year Product Award
2013 SUPER 2100-3 iF product design award
2009 VISION 5200-2/5203-2 iF product design award
2009 VISION 5100-2/5103-2 iF product design award
2009 VISION 5100-2/5103-2 Good Design
2008 ErgoPlus Universal Design Award
2007 SUPER 1900-2/2100-2 iF product design award
2007 SUPER 1900-2/2100-2 Nomination for the German Design Award