Screed Technology

AB 500 / AB 600 Extending Screeds

Perfect pavement quality is assured by numerous technical innovations in the AB 500 and AB 600. continue readding

VR 600 Extending Screed
VR 600 Extending Screed.

The VR 600 Extending Screed has been specially developed for VÖGELE pavers of the VISION Series. continue reading

VF 600 Extending Screed
VF 600 Extending Screed.

The VF 600 Extending Screed has been specially developed for countries in which roadworks are carried out at high pave speeds and in greatly varying pave widths. continue reading

Larger Screed Widths
AB 340 TV Extending Screed.

The AB 340 TV Extending Screed, fitted with a set of bolt-on extensions, achieves pave widths up to 3.9m. weiterlesen

Hydraulic Control for Side Plates
Hydraulic Control for Side Plates.

New option for VÖGELE Extending Screeds. weiterlesen

Telescoping System
The hydraulically extending units of VÖGELE screeds slide in and out smoothly on a single-tube telescoping system.

For all VÖGELE Extending Screeds, screed width control is by a single-tube telescoping system. weiterlesen

High Compaction Technology
VÖGELE High Compaction Technology with Pressure Bar(s)

Brings about high compaction of most varied construction materials and makes a substantial contribution to high-quality and economical building of roads. weiterlesen

Electric Screed Heating
Electric Screed Heating

Through decades, VÖGELE have gained a wealth of experience in electric screed heating, which has been installed in all VÖGELE Fixed-Width and Extending Screeds since 1952. weiterlesen

Bevel Side Plates
Bevel Side Plates

VÖGELE screeds build excellent pavements right up to the edges. weiterlesen

Pavement Profiles
Pavement Profiles

VÖGELE screeds are capable of building a wide spectrum of transverse profiles. Amount of crown and height of the screed’s extending units can be set up to a variety of specifications – across the full pave width, with bolt-on extensions included. weiterlesen