Versatile Front-Mounted VF 600 Extending Screed for VISION Pavers

Top paving quality for every project.

Stability and variability are not mutually exclusive, as the new front-mounted VF 600 Extending Screed from VÖGELE proves. This screed equips VISION pavers for a wide range of paving tasks.

Working at high pave speeds with varying pave widths requires a screed that can always be relied on to deliver precise results. The VF 600 from VÖGELE is just such a system. It is suitable for a highly varied range of paving tasks – from multi-laned expressways to narrow urban roads. Its variability is also evidenced in the range of possible profiles: crowns, transverse slopes and berms are set once and then built perfectly from the start to the end of the paving process.

Particularly sturdy design

The ingenious design lays the basis for this outstanding performance. As with every extending screed from VÖGELE, the VF 600 also has a particularly robust telescoping system. Thanks to its sturdy design, it features excellent stability, even if the pave width varies continually. The L-shaped frame is an important element in this context. On the one hand, its high rigidity prevents the screed from warping in a longitudinal or transverse direction. At the same time, it permits a controlled torsion of the screed as required for certain paving tasks. Yet the stable guidance of the extensions is always guaranteed, despite this permitted torsion. As the telescoping system is always mounted on the screed at an outward position, the torsion is never transferred to the telescoping tubes.

Two speeds for screed width control

The extensions themselves can be moved in or out at two different speeds as required. Pressing the button on the operator’s ErgoPlus® console very briefly permits particularly precise control, e.g. along an edge. The button must be pressed and held for more rapid extension or retraction. The powerful hydraulic system controls each extension separately, ensuring that ample power is always available to move them as required. The fact that the screed can be extended absolutely symmetrically on both sides enhances variability on the job.

Features for precise paving

Several constructive features greatly support the swift and precise retraction of the screed. For instance, the material offers virtually no resistance at the bevelled leading edges of the extensions and blockades and obstacles are avoided.

An additional advantage is that the side plates of a front-mounted screed are only about half as long as those of a rear-mounted screed, permitting particularly precise paving, working close up to obstacles. This, in turn, reduces the subsequent need for hand work.

All these features combine to make the VF 600 equally suitable for building intersections on highways as for surfacing country roads with multiple obstructions. It is above all invaluable when tackling multivariable applications with many obstacles which require frequent changes to the paving width, such as parking lots with several islands, light poles and storm sewers or residential and city streets with gas and water mains.

Unbeatable profile variability

A wide range of pavement profiles are possible with the VF 600 Extending Screed and these can be set independently of the extensions’ heights, ensuring the greatest degree of variability. Slopes of up to 10% are possible. Here, too, the very sturdy design of the screed is a great advantage. There is no need to readjust the road profile at any time while paving.

The optional berm is available in three widths: in 12 inches, 18 inches and 24 inches. Thanks to the smart design of the screed, the berm also remains stable at all times. The zero-position is maintained without a need to permanently apply pressure to the berm. Naturally, the screed can be fitted for various different berm widths on the right and left hand side. Contractors can choose freely when placing their orders.

Every extension has its own adjusting mechanisms for the independent setting of height, slope and screed planing angle. The planing angle of each screed extension is very easy to set even with bolt-on extensions fitted. Not only is the bullnose of the screed plate raised during the adjustment process, but the entire screed extension is turned around a defined point – a special feature of the VF 600 Extending Screed from VÖGELE. And this further contributes to the quality, ensuring that the screed planing angle remains stable and the screed paves an absolutely even surface. The maximum extension width of 19 ft., 6 in. means that a sensational operational range can be covered without bolt-on extensions.

All adjustments on the screed are carried out separately and independently of each other.

[1] Adjustment of the screed planing angle.

[2] Adjustment of the extension in height.

[3] Turning point for the slope.

[4] Berm available in widths of 12, 18 or 24 inches (here: 12 in.).

Best view of the entire screed

The VÖGELE VF 600 Extending Screed is extremely easy to operate and maintain. This is true of the basic screed with its continuous screed plate and of the extensions, too. The electrical heating system quickly and evenly heats the screed to its operating temperature. The bullnose also has its own heating rod in order to ensure that the temperature is uniform all the way out to the edges of the screed. All electrical heating rods can simply be replaced as required.

What’s more, the compact design of the VF 600 ensures that the operator always has an optimum view of the material flow – including augers, bolt-on extensions and side plates. Both the paver operator’s and the screed operators’ workstations are ergonomically designed. The height and angle of the screed console can be adjusted. It can also be turned so that the ideal working position is always selected. An additional remote control is provided.

All these components help the VISION pavers from VÖGELE with the front-mounted VF 600 Extending Screed to reliably build perfect asphalt pavements of the utmost quality, meeting and surpassing the very strictest road construction requirements in force anywhere in the world.

Highlights of the VF 600 Extending Screed

Telescoping System.

// Telescoping System: the sturdy telescoping tubes can be extended at two speeds.

Power Tunnel.

// Power Tunnel: an optimal head of material in front of the screed due to folding tunnel shields.


// Berm: the optional berm is available in three different widths (12, 18 or 24 inches).

Crown Control.

// Crown Control: The continuous screed plate of the basic screed paves precise crowns.


// ErgoPlus®: The ErgoPlus® operating system permits easy and intuitive control of the screed.


// Crown: crowns of -2% to +5% are easy to set.

VF 600 Extending Screed at a Glance

  • Basic width: 10 ft.
  • Maximum extension width: 19 ft. 6 in.
  • Maximum pave width: 25 ft. 6 in.
  • Weight including side plate: 8,300 lbs.
  • Compaction: vibrators
  • Maximum slope of the extensions: 10 %
  • Bolt-on extensions: 1 ft. or 2 ft.
  • Berm widths: 12 in., 18 in. or 24 in.
  • Berm height (measured at the outer edge): 6 in.
  • Independent planing angle of the screed extensions: –2° to +5°
  • Crown: –2.5% to +5%
  • Electrical screed heating