Cutting-Edge Screed Technology: The New AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds

Together with the tractor units, VÖGELE have also improved their screed technology and developed the new AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds. These screeds are ideal for all jobs in which variability is required. The screeds can be combined with all SUPER pavers featuring a basic width of 2.55m or 3m; their pave width ranges from 2.55m to 9.5m.

Ergonomic design for safe operation

The new AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds are now even more user-friendly. This also allows them to be operated more reliably.

  • Ergonomic screed console: child’s play to adjust. The brilliant colour display can be read clearly from all angles.
  • SmartWheel: easily palpable rotary controller for precise adjustment of the pave width in two speeds.
  • New walkway and ascent: the comfortable walkway and low steps leading to the operator’s stand are safe and very convenient. An additional folding step makes for even more comfort. The ascent is as safe and easy to negotiate as a staircase.
  • Soundproofing: covers, walkway and ascent are rubber-cushioned to reduce noise.

Perfect pavement quality guaranteed

Perfect pavement quality is assured by numerous technical innovations in the AB 500 and AB 600, making the screeds child’s play to operate.

Tamper bar: the tamper geometry has been optimized, resulting in a flatter screed planing angle. This ensures a longer service life, as well as better compaction and a level surface.

Hydraulic crown adjustment: this is now integrated in the screed console as a standard function. It is set quickly and precisely via push-button. The current crown is displayed on both screed consoles.

Screed heating: screed plates, tamper bars and pressure bars are uniformly heated to ensure an absolutely even surface structure. The time for heating the screed is considerably shorter. In automatic mode, the two sides of the screed are heated alternately for greater cost-efficiency.

Improved telescoping system: ensures better glide properties and simultaneously extends the telescoping tube’s service life.

Hydraulically adjusted side plates: this alternative to mechanical side plates has been redesigned and equipped with fully integrated valve technology.

“The paving quality of the new AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds is superb!” – Interview with Sven Neidig.

RoadNews: Mr Neidig, in the course of developing the “dash 3” generation, screed technology was also upgraded. What can users expect when they start using the new AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds?

Sven Neidig: Ergonomic design was our top priority. And we’ve really achieved a great deal in this domain: the new screeds have a comfortable middle ascent, a very convenient walkway and particularly practical storage points. It is even easier to adjust the position of the screed consoles and the side plates.

RoadNews: You come into contact with users almost daily. Which user requirements and requests were taken into account in the development?

Sven Neidig: One common requirement was for the service life of the tamper bar and the wearing strip to be extended to match that of the screed plates, which is already very long. We have succeeded here. Users also requested a shorter heating time for the screed, specifically for autumn and winter jobs. In order to achieve this, the wear resistance of the screed plate material was increased to permit a reduction in the thickness. So the service life has been maintained, but the screed heats up much more quickly. Noise reduction is always an issue in road construction, and we have also made further advances in this respect.

RoadNews: Let’s stay on the topic of practical applications. From a technician's standpoint, which new features are particularly crucial in everyday on-site operations?

Sven Neidig: The new screed console with SmartWheel is, of course, a highly interesting development, particularly when significant alterations have to be made to the pave width. With this system, the screed can be extended or retracted quickly or slowly, depending on the pave speed. The design features for night-time operation and the LEDs for illuminating the area in front of the newly designed side plate are also practical developments. Hydraulic crown control is now supplied as standard and is operated via the screed console. The pressure bar on high compaction screeds is now adjusted electro-hydraulically via the display rather than manually, as in the past.

RoadNews: And how are these new features paying off during paving?

Sven Neidig: The SmartWheel – the new rotary controller – has been very well received by users: extending and retracting the screed with a wheel rather than a switch – this function is unique. It is invaluable when working in municipal areas or on narrow job sites on communal roads. The crown control via the display operates very precisely. That’s important to users if they want to achieve perfect paving results.

RoadNews: You mentioned the subject of ergonomic design earlier. Which improvements will this bring for the screed operator?

Sven Neidig: The workstation is very convenient and operating the screed is both comfortable and ergonomic. The screed console is optimally positioned so that the display is also perfectly legible at all times. Screed operators can move from left to right particularly safely using the new walkway. The screed covers, walkway and middle ascent are rubber-cushioned so that the workstation is now also quieter. You can tell right away that you’re looking at a “dash 3” generation paver by the new middle ascent.

RoadNews: Ergonomic design is one defining feature of VÖGELE screeds. High paving quality is another. In what ways has the paving quality been further improved?

Sven Neidig: The new intake angle of the mix is certainly one decisive factor. The geometry of the tamper bar, the wearing strip and the screed plate has been altered, resulting in a flatter screed planing angle. This improves the paving result while increasing the service life of the wearing parts. Meanwhile, the new, reinforced central joint has enhanced the stability of the screed – which is a great boon, particularly when working with large pave widths.

RoadNews: We really are talking about a multitude of innovations. Out of all of them, which one are you most proud of?

Sven Neidig: The most important points for me are the perfect compaction and the evenness which the new screeds can guarantee with their flatter planing angle. The paving quality is superb! I am confident that, with our new screeds, we will make a great contribution to the improvement of quality in road construction.