Hydraulic Control for Side Plates Enhances Operating Comfort

New option for VÖGELE Extending Screeds.

Adjusting the screed’s side plates in height is a function used very frequently while paving. As an optional alternative to mechanical adjustment, VÖGELE now offer the possibility of adjusting the side plates hydraulically on the AB 500-2 and AB 600-2 Extending Screeds. This option improves both operating comfort and safety on the job site.

Even the best machine can only perform well when it is operated correctly. Therefore easy operation, as intuitively as possible, is highly valued. VÖGELE are known for attaching great importance to operating comfort, ergonomics and simplicity, not least for the afore-mentioned reason. A milestone of these endeavours is the ErgoPlus® operating system. Another practical feature now comes with hydraulically adjustable side plates available for the AB 500-2 and AB 600-2 Extending Screeds.

Comfortable height adjustment at the flip of a switch

While paving, the screed’s side plates frequently need adjusting in height. Instead of the standard method of using a crank, this can be done very comfortably via a tumbler switch when side plates are installed which are controlled hydraulically. In such a case, two hydraulic rams are fitted to each side plate.

New option enhances safety

Hydraulic control offers great advantages: the function is operated conveniently from the screed’s footboard, thus allowing the side plates to be adjusted quickly and easily even under the most cramped conditions. And when working on job sites where traffic keeps flowing during the roadworks, the operator no longer needs to step into the unsafe area next to the machine. In this context, the new option contributes to greater safety at work. To sum up it can be said that hydraulically controlled side plates render a significant contribution to a safer job site and provide for greater comfort when operating VÖGELE road pavers.