Ideal Dimensions for Low-Cost Transport

New set of bolt-on extensions for the AB 340 TV Extending Screed.

A screed with bolt-on extensions fitted on the one hand and economical transport on the other are often mutually exclusive. Not so in the case of the compact SUPER 1300-2 and SUPER 1303-2 pavers from VÖGELE. A set of bolt-on extensions is available for their screed permitting pave widths up to 3.9m without exceeding the maximum transport width. And all this without a need for conversion.

The compact VÖGELE SUPER 1300-2 and SUPER 1303-2 pavers with the AB 340TV Extending Screed are highly versatile and easily manœuvrable. This makes them a popular choice for a wide variety of small paving jobs in built-up areas. However, the term “small” in this context refers more to the length of the job sites than to the pave width itself. Pave widths of as much as 3.9m are frequently required and can be handled by fitting these machines with bolt-on extensions. And to ensure that the compact pavers can always reach the job sites quickly and easily, be it on low-bed trailer or under their own power, VÖGELE offer a set of bolt-on extensions measuring just 25cm per side. This means that with the screed retracted and side plates mounted, the paver is always within the maximum width of 2.55m stipulated in many countries for transport or transfer.

No conversion necessary

The calculation is quite simple: the basic width of the AB 340 TV Extending Screed is 1.8m. The bolt-on extensions add another 50cm in total. Added to this are the side plates, left and right, each of them measuring roughly 10cm. This yields a width of 2.5m. The paver can thus be fitted with bolt-on extensions on the contractor’s premises and then be transported to the job site ready for operation, without the need for a special permit. This saves both time and money.

Ideal for municipal construction projects

Equipped with the set of 25cm bolt-on extensions, the machines are capable of handling pave widths from 2.3m to 3.9m. This makes it child’s play to build single-lane carriageways, smaller farm tracks or complete minor municipal road construction projects. Basically, the narrow bolt-on extensions make working with the two pavers in the SUPER 1300 class even more easy and convenient – a highly practical solution.