Bevel Side Plates

VÖGELE screeds build excellent pavements right up to the edges.

Bevel side plates available for Fixed-Width Screeds and Extending Screeds provide for perfect and solid edges along the sides of a roadway, vertical or sloped. VÖGELE offer bevel side plates for various angles and layer thicknesses. In order to achieve an optimal surface finish, bevel side plates can be fitted with heating rods.

The use of bevel side plates is recommended above all for HPC screeds. These screeds positively prevent the mix from yielding to the front or to the sides under the influence of the compacting forces. As a result, maximum density is achieved right up to the pavement edges.

With the many different applications of extending screeds in mind, VÖGELE provided bevel side plates with a quick-fitting device. Fitting or changing these plates on the job is a matter of just minutes.

  • Perfect edges, vertical or sloped.
  • Optimal surface finish thanks to electric heating.
  • Uniform degree of density across the full pave width.
  • Bevel side plates install quickly to extending screeds thanks to quick-fitting device.